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After Alph recovers Drake on Day 1, he must find Brittany, and notices a signal coming from another area. Alph lands to investigate, and after discovering the Rock Pikmin, is able to free Brittany. The reunited explorers work together to build a bridge to a higher area where the signal is coming from. After a battle with the game's first boss, the Armored Mawdad, the signal is revealed to be coming from a cell phone the Mawdad has ingested. Upon returning it to Drake, the whereabouts of Charlie are discovered and the next level is unlocked.

After recovering Louie from Twilight River later in the game, visiting the Garden of Hope again will trigger a cutscene in which Louie will steal all of your juice, escape from Drake, and run off into the background, afterwhich a huge explosion will be heard. Traveling to the right of the landing site will reveal that Louie somehow blew a hole open in a large cinderblock, granting the player access to the second half of the level, where they will discover the Blue Pikmin. This is also where the player will fight the game's fifth boss, the Numaarashi, which has abducted Louie.



  • This location's name is somewhat similar to the second area in Pikmin, the Forest of Hope.
  • This is the only area in the game to feature 2 major bosses.