A screenshot of a completed 9-day run's end-of-game scores screen.

A 9-day run is a play-through of Pikmin in which the player collects every part of the S.S. Dolphin in nine days. Few players are able to do this, as it is very difficult and requires extreme skill in managing the Pikmin. Many tricks are used in this run to help the players collect the parts faster, or in a different order. There are no limits on Pikmin deaths. It is possible to perform this run in conjunction with both 50-Pikmin- and zero-death-runs.

A 9 day run of Pikmin has the player spend two days in every area except for the Final Trial. The 9-day run was thought of as the shortest amount of time Pikmin could be cleared in, but that is no longer true, as a 6-day run has been discovered (with one day runs of every area but the Impact Site). 9 days, however, is yet the shortest time in which the 50-Pikmin run, or minimum Pikmin challenge, has been completed.

Different players may have slight differences in what they do on each day. Below is a general strategy outlining what to do on each day.


Day One (The Impact Site)

Day Two (The Forest of Hope)

Day Three (The Forest Navel)

Day Four (The Impact Site)

Day Five (The Forest of Hope)

Day Six (The Forest Navel)

Day Seven (The Distant Spring)

Day Eight (The Distant Spring)

Day Nine (The Final Trial)

The player spends two days in every area except for the Final Trial. It is advised that the player goes to the Distant Spring as late as possible so that enemies do not return to the area.