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"It's a miracle! I'm alive, and I seem to be all in one piece. Just as the SS Drake was about to land, we lost control and had to make an emergency escape. I got separated from the other two team members in the commotion. I hope the other two are safe! I need to find them, and the SS Drake too!"
— Alph

Alph (キャプテン・アルフ) is one of three leaders in Pikmin 3. He visits PNF-404 along with Brittany and Charlie in search of food to remedy the famine afflicting their home planet of Koppai. Alph serves as the engineer of the ship, the S.S. Drake, which his grandfather, also named Drake, designed. He is very bright and positive in character, and greatly respects Charlie.


He wears a white spacesuit with a cerulean blue lapel, has cerulean blue-colored hair similar to Captain Olimar's in shape, an average sized nose, freckles on his cheeks and pointy ears. His wide, round eyes are always open, much like when other characters such as Olimar or Louie are surprised. He is by far the shortest of all the playable leaders, and likely the youngest as well. Like the other crew members, he wears a bulky space suit with a transparent helmet and an antenna. His gloves and boots are the same shade of cerulean blue as his hair, as is the light atop the antenna.


Alph is kind, positive and gentle, as he shows genuine concern over the safety and well-being of every Pikmin and crew member. Based off his interactions with Brittany, he may be rather absentminded. Alph is also very interested in technological devices; on a related note, he is intelligent and a very capable engineer who configures objects found on PNF-404 for the crew to use on their quest for food. In the different regional versions of the game, Alph's personality remains largely intact, barring some particular lines of dialogue.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Alph is the second youngest of his siblings, being older than one brother, and younger than twelve brothers and one sister. He grew up with his grandfather, an engineer named Drake. He learned a lot from him, and his time spent with him is what led Alph towards being an engineer. He also is known to write, and the other Koppaites seem to have read some of his poems. When the crew first attempts to land on PNF-404, they encounter difficulties and all three members are ejected from the S.S. Drake. They all crash-land in different areas. Alph happens to fall into the Tropical Wilds, the same area in which the Drake also landed with its auto-pilot. With the help of some local Pikmin, he builds a bridge and is able to reunite with his KopPad and the Drake. It is then up to him to rescue his coworkers by flying to the other areas with the Drake. Alph also seems a little talkative, as he gives the most Notes at the end of each day. Over the course of the game, Alph reunites with Brittany and Charlie, collects fruit, harvesting their seeds and using their juice for sustenance while on the planet, and eventually meets up with Louie and later on Olimar, who they rescue from the Plasm Wraith. He then gives them their lost cosmic-drive key, allowing them to return to Koppai safely with their findings.



Collected a new fruit
  • "We have some new kinds of fruit!"
No fruit collected
  • "Today we collected...nothing."
Juice consumption (alone)
  • "Look at this! A whole day's worth of food all to myself!"
    • ​"(Sorry, Captain! Sorry, Brittany!)"
Juice consumption (when separated from Brittany)
  • "Sorry, Brittany, but you'll have to hold out for one more day."
Decent supply of juice
  • "Our supplies should be sufficient to keep us going for a little while."
Low on juice
  • "Uh-oh... We're running out of supplies. We'd better find more edible matter soon!"
Reached target location
  • "I'm here and awaiting orders!"
  • "I've arrived! So, what now?"
  • "Here at last! Over!"
  • "Arrived and awaiting orders!"
Pikmin are suffering
  • "Oh, no! Poor Pikmin!"
  • "We're losing Pikmin!"
Pikmin are suffering (other location)
  • "Oh no! We're losing Pikmin somewhere!"
Attacked by enemy
  • "Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! "
  • "I need orders!"
  • "I'm under attack here!"
Carrying something large
  • "It's huuuge..."
Found a place to throw Pikmin across
  • "Aha! If I throw them from here, they should make it across!"
Finds ledge
  • "Getting up there's going to be a two-person job."
Lily pad
  • "I think we can hop on that lily pad."


Waking up from crash
  • "It's a miracle! I'm alive, and I seem to be all in one piece."
  • "Just as the SS Drake was about to land, we lost control and had to make an emergency escape."
  • "I got separated from the other two team members in the commotion."
  • "I hope the other two are safe! I need to find them, and the SS Drake too!"
Finds Red Pikmin
  • "What was that?"
  • "It's the creature I saw just now! Looks like it's got friends!"
  • "And what's that thing caught on the branch?"
  • "Is there anything I can do?"
  • "They responded to my whistle!"
  • "What friendly little guys!"
Salvaging the Onion
  • "Wow!"
  • "Just need to throw one more!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "What's this then?"
  • "I was hoping it was fruit, but I don't think it's anything edible."
  • "Still, the little red guys seem pretty happy now we've freed it."
  • "Hey! They're following me!"
Located Kop Pad
  • "My Kop Pad! Thanks goodness I found it! I can use it to locate the SS Drake!"
Try climbing to Kop Pad
  • "Hmm... Doesn't look like I can climb up here..."
Finds Fragments
  • "What's this pile of rubble?"
Carrying Fragments
  • "What's going on?"
  • "I might need more helpers..."
Bridge complete
  • "Wonderful! The bridge is complete!"
Obtain Kop Pad
  • "Great! It still works!"
  • "Of course, I'd expect nothing less from Koppaite engineering."
  • "I'll check my surroundings by touching and sliding the Kop Pad screen."
  • "Where's the Drake?"
  • "I should follow that signal."
  • "If I slide the Kop Pad Map..."
  • "Aha! The SS Drake isn't that far from here!"
  • "Maybe the other crew members are there as well. I'd best head in that direction."
Finds Pellet Posies
  • "Is that red thing...food?"
Bring Pellet to the Onion
  • "It produced sprouts!"
Plucks Pikmin
  • Oh, I see... So this is where those little creatures come from. What a strange thing!"
Female Sheargrubs appear
  • "Woah!"
Finds 5 Pellet Posy
  • "This one is even bigger!"
Finds box
  • "What is this enormous thing?"
  • "The Drake must be somewhere on the other side of it..."
Finds first data file
  • "Something's in here!"
  • "It looks like someone's left a data file here. Perhaps the KopPad will be able to read it."
  • "Excellent! The KopPad can read the data file."
  • "So these creatures are called Pikmin?"
  • "This information might come in handy later on. I'll save it in the KopPad's Exploration Notes."
  • "It's strange, though... I wonder who created this data file?"
  • "Could there be other intelligent life forms on this planet?"
Searching for the SS Drake
  • "According to the Radar...the Drake should be through here."
  • "I hope they're both OK!"
Finds Kingcap
  • "Wow! Those are enormous! But they don't look edible..."
Finds Dirt Wall
  • "What's this wall doing here?"
  • "Could it be the work of an intelligent life form?"
Finds the S.S. Drake
  • "Here it is! The S.S. Drake!"
  • "The KopPad isn't picking up any signs of life in the immediate area."
  • "What am I supposed to do now?"
Call from Brittany
  • Alph: "Incoming call! Who's it from?"
  • Brittany: "Alph! It's me, Brittany! Do you copy?"
  • Brittany: "Thank goodness! You're with the S.S. Drake, right?"
  • Brittany: "I made it through the landing in one piece. The thing is, I'm trapped somewhere."
  • Brittany: "And I'm starv-"
  • Alph: "Oh, no! We've been cut off! I wonder how far Brittany is."
  • Alph: "In any case, I'm glad that she seems to be safe and sound."
End of first day
  • "What was that strange cry?"
  • "The sun is setting, which could mean that nocturnal predators are starting to wake up."
  • "I should probably get off the planet's surface for now."
  • "Most of the supplies we brought with us from Koppai were ruined in the crash-landing..."
  • "So we now only have 3 days' worth of edible provisions left..."
  • "From tomorrow, I'll have to work on sourcing food locally..."
Locate the Garden of Hope
  • "Brittany's signal seems to be coming from over there!"
  • "Right now, meeting up with her has got to be my top priority."
  • "Having said that, I'm also quite worried by the loss of our cosmic drive key."
  • "Without it, the Drake can't reach a high enough speed to get us home."
Landing in the Garden of Hope
  • "Brittany should be around here somewhere!"
  • "We're running out of food, so I'd better find her before it's too late."
Taking Pikmin out of the Onion
  • "It looks like the Onion has followed me here. So where are the Pikmin?"
  • "Ah, I see. That Onion vessel is a Pikmin nest."
  • "I'm going to configure the KopPad so we can use it to check Pikmin status."
Encounter first Bulborb
  • "Shhh...it's asleep."
  • "I think we can sneak up on it!"
Located Brittany
  • Alph: "Brittany's just lying there! I hope I'm not too late!"
  • Alph: "Pick up, Brittany! Pick up! Please be OK!"
  • Alph: "......"
  • Brittany: "Alph?! Sorry about that. I was just taking a little nap. So, you're close by?"
  • Brittany: "Why wasn't I moving, you ask? Hee hee, well, you know me. I can sleep anywhere."
  • Brittany: "But never mind that. Listen, I discovered what looks like a huge piece of fruit! It's over there!"
  • Brittany: "But I'm stuck here for the time being. Could you go and check it out for me?"
Finds first fruit
  • "Wow! It's even bigger than I thought it would be!"
  • "If this really is fruit, then it's a major discovery!"
  • "I'd like to analyze it at the Drake, but how can I move it?"
Obtaining first fruit
  • Drake: "Recovering..."
  • Alph: "Oh! There's an incoming transmission from the Drake!"
  • Drake: "Analysing the recovered plant!"
  • Drake: "Large quantities of Piktamin U detected!"
  • Drake: "This is a seed-bearing fruit, making cultivation on Koppai possible."
  • Drake: "Juice from this fruit is safe for consumption by crew members."
  • Alph: "I'll add a Fruit File to the KopPad, where we can store the results of our analysis."
  • Alph: "But I don't know much about plants at all."
  • Alph: "I'll ask Brittany to write reports later, since she's the botanist."
Discover Rock Onion
  • "What is that thing?!"
Finding Rock Pikmin
  • "Is there something inside that thing?!"
  • "Are these creatures Pikmin too? They're giving me a funny look..."
  • "What in the-?"
  • "These ones seem friendly too!"
  • "Wow, they really pack a punch!"
  • "Seems like they really want to smash it up..."
  • "There! That's all of it!"
  • "So their Onion was trapped inside that crystal."
  • "Since I have two types of Pikmin now, I can select the ones I want to use with C."
  • "When I want to split them up by type, I'll use (nunchuck shake) to dismiss the squad."
Collects Medusal Slurker
  • "Yesterday's foe is today's food."
  • "Wow... Nature is unforgiving."
Searching for Brittany
  • "Brittany is on the other side of this wall."
Fragments across the water in the Garden of Hope
  • "There are materials for constructing a bridge on the opposite shore."
  • "If I work together with Brittany, I think we can get that bridge built."
Closer to signal
  • "So, the signal is coming from beyond here?"
Data file on the way to the mysterious signal
  • "Huh? Looks like there's a data file here too."
  • "...Hocotate? I think that's near Koppai."
  • "If I recall correctly, it's a planet populated by treasure-loving vegetable eaters."
  • "Did they come all this way to hunt for treasure? This Olimar fellow seems pretty devoted to his family."
About to enter Armored Mawdad arena
  • "Looks like someone or something dug this out..."
Enter Armored Mawdad's arena
  • "I've got a bad feeling about this.."
Armored Mawdad charges
  • "Here it comes!"
Break Armored Mawdad's armor
  • "There we go! Maybe now..."
Armored Mawdad missing in action
  • "Where'd it go?"
Armored Mawdad defeated
  • "So this was giving off that signal..."
  • "But what does this means for the Captain's whereabouts...?"
  • "I guess for now we should take this back to the Drake for analysis. I think it might be of some use to us."
Obtaining Data Glutton
  • Drake: "Recovering..."
  • Alph: "We're receiving a transmission from the Drake!"
  • Drake: "Analysing recovered item!"
  • Drake: "An ancient communication device used on this planet."
  • Drake: "It contains technology unknown to Koppai and is emitting a signal even now."
  • Alph: "If I integrate this device into the Drake's communication system, I should be able to boost our signal's strength!"
  • Alph: "Looks like it's going to be an all nighter for me!"
More than 100 Pikmin in the field
  • "Just as the number of Pikmin in the field reached 100, the Onion stopped spitting out seeds."
  • "The Pikmin inside the Onion seem to be increasing in number."
  • "Apparently, once the surface population reached 100, new Pikmin are born inside the Onion."
  • "This means that a maximum of 100 Pikmin can be active outside the Onion at any one time."
Onions merge
  • "Wow! They merged!"
  • "Well, well... So two Onions can combine into one..."
  • "Very interesting! I'll have to make a note of this."
Morning after Brittany's rescue and fruit is recovered
  • Alph: "We've finally discovered edible matter!"
  • Brittany: "After close analysis, my conclusion is that the fruit juice is delicious."
  • Alph: "I've never tasted anything like that on Koppai!"
  • Brittany: "We need to continue our search. If there is more to be had...we should have it."
  • Alph: "Right! Let's focus all of our energy on finding more fruit and absolutely nothing else!"
  • Brittany: "We still need the cosmic-drive key! We can't get home without that."
  • Alph: "Right! Let's focus all our energy on retrieving fruit and the key and absolutely nothing else!"
  • Brittany: "The captain. We still need to find the captain, as well."
  • Alph: "...Right. So we'll just get the food, the key, and the captain! Is there anything else I'm forgetting...?"
Regarding the mysterious signal in the Distant Tundra
  • Brittany: "Brilliant, Alph! You expanded the Drake's receiver range!"
  • Alph: "Aw, thanks... They don't call me the keen engineer for nothing!"
  • Brittany: "Nobody calls you that."
  • Alph: "I know..."
  • Alph: "The origin of the signal is unclear..."
  • Alph: "Maybe it's the captain! We should investigate this at once!"
  • Brittany: "Good idea, Alph! Let's do it."
Brittany exits cave
  • Brittany: "Phew! It's good to be outside again. I was getting claustrophobic in that cave!"
  • Brittany: "Hey, there's Alph! And the S.S. Drake is there, too!"
  • Brittany: "Alph! I'm over here!"
  • Alph: "Ah, Brittany! Thank goodness you're OK!"
  • Alph: "I see you're on the other side of the river!"
  • Alph: "Our first priority is to reunite, so let's work together! Press Y when you want to hand over control!"
  • Brittany: "Got it!"
  • Brittany: "This place is absolutely freezing! If we stay too long, I'm afraid we're going to die of exposure."
  • Brittany: "That is, if we don't die of starvation first."
  • Alph: "Hey Brittany!"
  • Alph: "Did you find something interesting over there?"
  • Brittany: "Yes, actually! A new type of Pikmin!"
  • Alph: "Really?!"
  • Brittany: "Yep, they're yellow and have big ears!"
  • Alph: "Wow! I want to meet them too!"
  • Brittany: "OK!"
  • Brittany: "I'll have to find a place where I can throw them across to you."
Pikmin's path is abstructed
  • "The Pikmin seem to be having problems carrying their load back. I'd better do something..."
Finds soft dirt
  • "This dirt looks pretty soft..."
  • "Maybe we can dig through it..."
Morning after crash in the Distant Tundra
  • "I can't shake the idea that the S.S. Drake's crash was my fault..."
  • "Anyway, there's work to be done! First I need to reunite with Brittany, then we can look for the Captain."
Finished bridge to Brittany
  • "That's as far as I can build!"
  • "The rest is up to Brittany!"
Finds Bomb Rock
  • "I've found a peculiar rock with a powerful energy emanating from it."
  • "I'll keep the Pikmin that's carrying it separate from the others, and then use C/L to select it."


Pikmin 3 Deluxe official website bio

“His grandfather designed the S.S. Drake, which explains why Alph’s a mechanical wiz.”

Pikmin Bloom social media accounts' bio

“Alph is the young engineer of the S.S. Drake. An honest fellow with a positive attitude, Alph happens to be the crew member with the most common sense. After some landing troubles cause the team to be separated, he sets off to rescue the other members with the help of the Pikmin.”

Pikmin 3 official Japanese website bio

  • Text: “宇宙船「ドレイク号」の若きエンジニア。明るく前向きで、いつだって仕事に熱心。なぜかチャーリーに憧れている。”
  • Translation: “A young engineer on the spaceship "S.S. Drake". He is cheerful, positive, and always enthusiastic about his work. For some reason, he admires Charlie.”

Pikmin 3 Deluxe official Japanese website bio

  • Text: “明るく前向きで、いつだって仕事に熱心。なぜかチャーリーに憧れている。”
  • Translation: “He is cheerful, positive, and always enthusiastic about his work. For some reason, he admires Charlie.”

Pikmin Garden bio




出身星 コッパイ星


関係者 15人の兄弟、祖父のドレイク

趣味 機械いじり 夢 宇宙船を設計すること” Translation

“Young Engineer of the S.S. Drake


Home planet: Koppai

A young engineer from the planet Koppai with an honest and positive personality. His grandfather was the designer of the S.S. Drake and he grew up watching his back. 13th son of 15 siblings.

Related persons: 15 siblings, grandfather Drake

Hobbies: tinkering with machines Dreams: designing a spaceship


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  • Alph was the only character playable in the E3 2012 Pikmin 3 demo.
  • Alph's name appears to be short for "Alpha", the term used for the letter A in the phonetic alphabet. This makes sense as "Charlie" is used for letter C in the Phonetic alphabet, and Brittany's name is similar to "Bravo," which is the letter B; her name's initial, A, is also the same letter of his prototype name (Character A), just like Charlie and Brittany.
  • Alph is the technical expert of the crew, which is explained by his grandfather designing the S.S. Drake.
  • According to Brittany's fruit notes, Alph is allergic to the Heroine's Tear (a mango), and the Scaly Custard (an avocado).
  • Alph grew up with his grandfather, Drake.
  • Alph has 12 older brothers, a big sister and a little brother.
    • A brother of Alph's, named Yorke, is featured as an NPC in Pikmin 4.
  • Brittany often addresses Alph as "Alphie" and encourages him in a way that implies that she feels protective of him, like a mother. However, some fans interpret this as romance.