Anode Dweevil
Appears in Pikmin 2
Scientific name Mandarachnia volticula
Family Dweevil
Areas None
Underground areas Pikmin 2
Shower Room
Submerged Castle
Hole of Heroes
Dream Den
Challenge Mode levels Cave of Pain
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels None
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Size 54mm (leg span)
Seed worth 5 (Unable to be retrieved)
Treasure value PokoIcon.pngx2
Attacks Electric shock
Hit points 150

The Anode Dweevil (キショイグモ) is an enemy in Pikmin 2. It is a yellow dweevil that will emit an electrical discharge when agitated by attacks, and will immediately electrocute and kill Pikmin without a chance to save them, thus making it one of the most dangerous Dweevils. It also picks up dead creatures and treasures, which is common to all Dweevils. This suitably makes Yellow Pikmin the best choice in battle. Also, since Purple Pikmin can stun any small Dweevil, they will also work well.


Olimar's Notes

"Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astounding size on their backs and mimicking them. The anode dweevil is one species in this family. They seem to have no particular preference for which objects they carry on their backs, as they will carry anything they can lift. They boast an internal organ that generates electrical charges, which the anode dweevil releases when it senses danger."

Louie's Notes

"Raw anode dweevil makes for an unforgettable sushi treat, but if it is not prepared by an expert hand with exacting precision, consumption could result in a jolting electrical explosion of apocalyptic proportion."

Nintendo Player's Guide

"The most dangerous of the Dweevils attacks by surrounding itself with electricity. If any non-yellow Pikmin are hit by the creature's sparks, they'll be fried instantly. Unless you have no other options, use yellows exclusively to fight the evil Dweevils."

Battle Strategy

Attack it with yellows. If not, it is probably better to kill it with captains. Purples also work, as they have a hundred percent chance of stunning any small Dweevil. If you do not have sufficient Pikmin of the right type, you could run up to it as a Captain and attack it until it starts glowing. If the Dream Material has already been acquired, keep attacking. If not, run away before it attacks, then run back when the electricity stops and repeat the assault.