Anti-Dioxin Filter
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 40
Max. Carriers 60 Pikmin
Location Forest Navel

The Anti-Dioxin Filter, (also known as and commonly called the Non-Dioxin) is a ship part in Pikmin. It fits on the rocket's exhaust port and filters disease-carrying agents from the ship's exhaust. It doesn't pollute a planet's atmosphere so it makes Captain Olimar feel better.


Discovery Notes

"It's the Anti-Dioxin Filter! This fits over the rocket's exhaust port and filters out all disease-causing agents from the ship's exhaust. That means I'll be able to move around without polluting the planet's atmosphere! I feel worlds better!"

Ship Log

"The laws of deep space require all ships to eliminate all pollutants."

Collecting the Part


The Anit-Dioxin Filter, next to Olimar and some Blue Pikmin.

It is in the large lake area. Withdraw at least forty Blue Pikmin and a small group of Red Pikmin. Travel to the lake area, where Olimar needs to defeat all the Wollywogs to ensure the Blue Pikmins' safety. Then, either keep the Red Pikmin waiting for your Blue Pikmin to get the part out of water or defeat all of the Fiery Blowhog. Then the Blues can just carry the part back to the landing site. 


  • In real life, Dioxins are a group of polyhalogenated compounds which act as environmental pollutants.
  • In real life, this part would be the equivalent to the Catalyctic converter of an automobile.
  • The Anti-Dioxin Filter is one of the parts that can be seen on the outside of the ship.
  • At the end of Pikmin, the screen that shows how many parts you collected calls this part Non-Dioxin

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