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Blue Pikmin are a common variety of Pikmin appearing in every game of the Pikmin series. Blue Pikmin first appear in Pikmin game, along with Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin. In many appearances, Blue Pikmin are the last type of Pikmin discovered.

Aside from their blue color, Blue Pikmin are distinguishable from other Pikmin by their amphibious traits, such as their mouth-like gills, allowing them to both move around in water and live within it. Aside from Bulbmin, certain Puffmin, Glow Pikmin and Ice Pikmin, any other Pikmin type that touches water flails around in it before drowning, unless they are close enough to land. Blue Pikmin seem to be the most basic Pikmin type, since they have average durability, mobility, and throw distance.

In order to increase the number of Blue Pikmin, a Captain can order Pikmin to carry dead creatures or Pellets into the Blue Pikmin's corresponding Blue Onion. However, enough Blue Pikmin have to be present while carrying the objects, since they prioritize carrying objects to their own Onion, unlike the other Pikmin colors, which prioritize carrying objects into their corresponding Onions. There is sometimes an opportunity to throw other Pikmin types into a Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud (or a Queen Candypop Bud while it has blue spots) to convert them into a few Blue Pikmin seeds.

Mainline appearances[]


In Pikmin, Blue Pikmin are last type of Pikmin discovered, and Olimar finds them in The Forest Navel. Blue Pikmin can sometimes serve as lifeguards in that if they are idle and see a nearby Pikmin drowning in water, they quickly run to that Pikmin, pick them up, and throw them to shore. However, Blue Pikmin are not fully reliable for this task, since they do not rescue drowning Pikmin that are too far away from them.

Pikmin 2[]

Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin being re-discovered in Pikmin 2.

In Pikmin 2, five Blue Pikmin are first seen in the Awakening Wood, near their Blue Onion, where they are seen fighting Wolpoles; they are in the same area where the Radiation Canopy was found in Pikmin. Gaining control of the Blue Pikmin requires that Yellow Pikmin break down the electric gate blocking their area.

A majority of areas can be accessed without the need for Blue Pikmin.

Pikmin 3[]

In Pikmin 3, they are found in the Garden of Hope after Louie crashes your ship there and you unlock the area past the previously inaccessible wall. Winged Pikmin are needed to pull the Blue Onion from the ground. Starting with this game, Blue Pikmin can swim in schools to swarm aquatic enemies, making it easier for them to combat water enemies such as Water Dumples and Puckering Blinnows.

There is only one instance where Blue Pikmin are required to complete Story Mode, which is during the construction of the ceramic pot in the Garden of Hope. However, there is a trick that allows the player to bypass the pot's construction, so it is possible to complete the game without rescuing the Blue Onion. Blue Pikmin are required to pick up sunken fruit if one wishes to achieve a 100% completion rating.

Unlike the previous two games, Blue Pikmin do not rescue Pikmin that are drowning in water.

Pikmin 4[]

In Pikmin 4, since the Blue Onion is found in the early areas of the game, Blue Pikmin can be found in many different orders. With the introduction of Ice Pikmin and Oatchi, Blue Pikmin have even fewer required purposes. It is possible to beat Pikmin 4 without Blue Pikmin at all, this time without using any glitches. Blue Pikmin are not even unique in that they can grab objects that are entirely submerged, as Oatchi wit Doggy Paddle Lv. 3 can too.

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[]

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, many Blue Pikmin, along with the Red and Yellow types, cameo in a trophy for Pikmin in general. A Blue Pikmin is also in Olimar's trophy, standing directly behind him.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Blue Pikmin SSBB

Official screenshot of a Blue Pikmin in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Blue Pikmin appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a type of Pikmin that Olimar can pull from the ground using Pikmin Pluck. Like in the Pikmin series, Blue Pikmin are the only type of Pikmin that do not drown in the water. Blue Pikmin have good mobility, throw, and durability compared to other types of Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin's water resistance allows it to withstand water-based moves like Mario's F.L.U.D.D. or Squirtle's Water Gun. Olimar is most likely to pull up a Blue Pikmin if he is on a water-based surface, such as a cloud or ice.

Blue Pikmin also have their own trophy and a sticker, the latter depicting artwork of it from Pikmin. There is a Blue Pellet sticker showing artwork of a Blue Pikmin carrying one from Pikmin 2.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[]

Blue Pikmin return in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. They and other Pikmin types can be used by Olimar as before, and now also his newly added echo fighter, Alph. Blue Pikmin function almost identically as in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, having increased throw power, water resistance, and higher stamina. Pikmin are plucked in a set order from the Pikmin Pluck move, and Blue Pikmin are now plucked after the yellows are, regardless of which platform Olimar or Alph is standing on.

Both games have a trophy of a Blue Pikmin, which can be obtained randomly in any of the single-player modes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, aside from returning as a part of Olimar's and Alph's movesets, Blue Pikmin have their own spirit, which depicts their Pikmin 3 artwork.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour[]

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Blue Pikmin, along with Red and Yellow Pikmin, can be seen flying out of a flower patch if a golf ball lands in it.

Nintendo 3DS system software[]


The Red Pikmin hat being worn in StreetPass Plaza

In StreetPass Plaza for the Nintendo 3DS, a Blue Pikmin hat is one of the unlockable items in Find Mii.

One of the first puzzles in Puzzle Swap is of a Blue Pikmin standing with a Red and a Yellow Pikmin, between a group of plants.


Super Smash Bros. series[]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Image Title Appears in How to unlock
Blue Pikmin SSBB trophy Blue Pikmin GCN Pikmin
GCN Pikmin 2
Random drop
NTSC: A type of Pikmin, which are curious creatures that follow and obey the person who picks them. If you take advantage of this trait, you can get them to help Capt. Olimar and Louie. The blue Pikmin are at home in water and cannot drown. Need to retrieve an object underwater or cross a water hazard to disarm a trap? Blue Pikmin are just the allies you need.

PAL: A type of Pikmin, which are curious creatures that follow and obey the person who picks them. If you take advantage of this trait, you can get them to help Olimar and Louie. The blue Pikmin are at home in water and cannot drown. Need to retrieve an object underwater or cross a water hazard to disarm a trap? Blue Pikmin are just the allies you need.

Name Image Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
Blue Pikmin SSBBBluePik Pikmin Attack +16 Olimar

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U trophy[]

3DS image Wii U image Title Category Appears in* Trophy Box* How to unlock
SSB3DS trophy Blue Pikmin SSB4WU trophy Blue Pikmin Blue Pikmin Fighter GCN Pikmin (12/2001)
GCN Pikmin 2 (08/2004)
60: Pikmin Random drop

NTSC: This blue Pikmin walks around with its mouth ajar. At home in the water, they're very helpful when objects are submerged and need retrieving. In Smash Bros., blue Pikmin have defense second only to purple Pikmin. They are also able to do more damage when thrown, so don't be shy about hurling them at foes.

PAL: The things that make blue Pikmin different from all the other Pikmin are that they have mouths and that they're pretty good swimmers. They're slightly hardier than most other Pikmin, and they do more damage when you throw them. So, as soon as you get one of these, make sure to throw it right at someone straight away!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[]

General information
# Name Image Series / game Type Slots Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain
804 Blue Pikmin SSBU Blue Pikmin spirit Pikmin Series Support 1 Advanced Thrown Items ↑ Spirit Board; amiibo
Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Tiny Squirtle ×12
  • The enemy's ice and water attacks have increased power
  • Timed Stamina battle
  • Water and ice attacks aren't as effective against the enemy
Distant Planet Main Theme - Pikmin (original)


  • In the beta for Pikmin, Blue Pikmin were the first Pikmin type discovered.
  • Blue and Red Pikmin were originally able to carry Bomb Rocks in Pikmin, something that would later become an actual thing in Pikmin 3.
  • The Forest of Hope and Formidable Oak are the only two areas in the first three Pikmin games where Blue Pikmin are not required at all.
  • Since Blue Pikmin are seldomly required to complete tasks and are discovered relatively late, many players have done playthroughs where they play through the game with as little help from Blue Pikmin as possible.


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