Boom Cone
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 134 (NTSC only)
Series Dream Series
Value PokoIconx100
Weight 10
Max Carriers 15
Location Glutton's Kitchen

The Boom Cone is a treasure exclusive to the NTSC version of Pikmin 2. This treasure appears to be a red firework cone with white spots. The treasure can be found in Sublevel 5 of the Glutton's Kitchen; usually it is laying in an alcove. Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae and several Dwarf Bulbears are in the Pikmin's path, so Olimar and Louie must swarm their Pikmin to dispose of them before carrying the treasure back to the Ship.


Olimar's Journal

"Today we found the remains of a wooden construction engine buried deep under the surface. I can't imagine anyone on this uncivilized planet inventing anything. We'll have to wait until later to finish surveying this maze, but this place intrigues me. There may be something interesting to learn about this primitive object."

Sales Pitch

"This will exhilarate your soul like magical popcorn! KA-BOOOOOM! Happiness explodes from within. The shape itself speaks of wondrous things to come. Let us get excited!"


  • The Boom Cone resembles the fireworks cones that Telly uses in the game Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure!