This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 30
Max. Carriers 50 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring

The Bowsprit is a ship part ingested by an Armored Cannon Beetle in The Distant Spring . The Bowsprit is the "face" of the Dolphin designed by Captain Olimar and gives the Dolphin its sleek shape.


Discovery Notes

"I've discovered the Bowsprit! With this piece installed, my ship should regain some of its sleek shape."

Ship Log

"The so-called face of the Dolphin. In point of fact, I designed it."

Collecting the Part


The Bowsprit, next to the dead Armored Cannon Beetle that swallowed it.

Getting it requires many steps, and fortunately, Red Pikmin are the only ones necessary to collect the part. First, defeat all Spotty Bulbears and Puffy Blowhogs that will be on the way back to the ship. There are two paths to get to it: either cross the fire geysers near the Cannon Beetle, or take the safe route near the landing site by building the twig and unplugging the geyser. Then, defeat the Armored Cannon Beetle and retrieve the part. Build the bridge and destroy the gate so Red Pikmin can carry it back to the Dolphin, defeating the Shearwigs along the way. 


  • The Bowsprit is one of the few parts of the ship that appears to be physically broken, as the antenna is always bent and the part itself does not sit properly on the ship. When the Dolphin lifts off at night, or when you retrieve all 30 parts, the part will repair itself by straightening the antenna and fastening down on the hull.
  • A bowsprit in real life is a pole that extends forward of a ship from the prow of the vessel.
  • If the Bowsprit is looked from the top, it looks like a Pokeball from the Pokemon franchise.
  • The Bowsprit is one of the parts that can be seen on the outside of the ship.

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