Brilliant Garden
Game Hey! Pikmin
How to Unlock Finishing tutorial
Pikmin Discovered Red, Yellow
Hazards N/A?

The Brilliant Garden is an area found in Hey! Pikmin, the first you enter after finishing the short tutorial. The area is forest or plain themed, with the background for the area having red and yellow flowers, and two cherry blossom trees, and what seems to be a lake or beach to the top right.

The region is arguably easiest the easiest in the game, with the backgrounds having sunflowers, mushrooms, and some gardening tools, with peaceful music. The cave-like areas have machines, which look like pipes emitting smoke(?).



  • First Expedition (1-A)
  • Cavern of Confusion (1-B)
  • Mushroom Valley (1-C)
  • Back-and-Forth Road (1-D)
  • Shadow in the Brush (1-E)
  • Cherrystone Pass (1-X)