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Name Brittany
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Gender Female
Home planet Koppai
Height Approx. 2.3 cm (0.89 inches)
Weight ~1 unit

Brittany (ブリトニー, Buritonī) is one of the three playable characters featured in Pikmin 3. She wears a spacesuit with a pink lapel, has pink hair and a small, pointed nose, and serves as a botanist on behalf of Koppai

Her spacesuit differs from the others in that it is more feminine with a skirt shape, and has slightly raised heels. Unlike the other two leaders, she has beady black eyes, a smaller nose, and wears a pair of glasses with red frames. She is strong-willed, but also gluttonous. Although she claims to distribute the juice evenly amongst her crew mates, she always provides a larger portion to herself than she does with the others. However, this does not affect gameplay.




In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

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Brittany's Trophy as seen in SSB4.

Brittany appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. [1] She is not playable, although Alph has a costume that makes his spacesuit, hair, and beacon pink.

Trophy Description-

"Brittany is part of the crew that crash-lands on PNF-404. She calls for help using her KopPad, and when Alph finally reaches her, he's got a bunch of Pikmin with him. Brittany doesn't let her deep fascination with these creatures distract her from giving Alph orders."



  • Brittany is the first playable female character in the Pikmin series.
  • Brittany, along with the President's wife, are the only characters seen wearing glasses. Interestingly, both of these characters' glasses have red frames.
  • Brittany, along with Character D and two of the ***SPAM?*** mailers from Pikmin 2, are the only characters that have a full head of hair.
  • Brittany's initial of her name is the same letter of her prototype name (Character B), just like Alph and Charlie.
  • Before rescuing Charlie, Brittany will occassionally mention at the end of the day that she'll shorten Alph's ration of juice to have more for herself, showing her gluttonous nature. She also affecionately calls Alph "Alphie".
  • Brittany is the only character with a normally sized nose.  It appears to run in her family and it is hinted in the notes of the Tremendous Sniffer that they wished they had big noses, as she states that they all envy her aunt's big one.
  • Brittany's hair is not naturally pink, it's coloured.
  • Originally, HTML on the Pikmin 3 Japanese website could be decoded to reveal a line of text, "Brittany, botanist on behalf of Coppa Lee Star", whereas Alph and Charlie were both listed as "on behalf of Koppai Star". Because "star" can translate to any celestial body, many assumed this meant Brittany was in fact from Koppai's moon, which was thought to be called "Coppa Lee/Koppali". However, it was later discovered to be a mistranslation.
  • Brittany's name can be referencing to Botany (a name given to Biology that specialize in plants), as Brittany is a scientist in this field of Biology.



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