The Challenge Mode level select screen.

Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2 is very different from the one in the first game. To unlock Challenge Mode, the player needs to collect The Key from the final floor of the Citadel of Spiders in the Perplexing Pool. Challenge Mode takes place in many cave areas and you'll need to collect The Key in each to advance through sublevels, and so complete the level. Challenge mode starts with 5 levels unlocked and for every level complete another level is unlocked. There are 30 levels in all.

In each sublevel, a time limit is given, within which you must advance to the next sublevel or fail the challenge. Being awarded a White Flower upon completion means that one or more Pikmin has died, while a no-death completion earns a Pink Flower. A widely held misconception is that in order to beat challenge mode, one must collect all the treasures and have no pikmin losses - but only the key on each level is required. To unlock a special cutscene with Louie you must complete the challenge mode with all pink flowers.

Minor Glitch

If one of the captains is about to get injured and the player presses "give up" after having paused the game in that exact moment, the captain about to get hit will fall down as if damaged when the ship picks up the captains in the triggered cutscene. Instead of picking the damaged captain up, the ship will leave and let the glitched captain lay on the ground.



  • Bulbmin are the only pikmin that do not appear on the charts; this is evident with Hidden Garden, where it says on the title screen that no pikmin are used.

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