The Creature Montage is a video sequence that plays at the end of Pikmin after the player successfully completes the game with all ship parts. It shows brief clips of each enemy in the game and then pauses to give its name and some details. In this way it is similar to the Piklopedia that appears in Pikmin 2. In New Play Control! Pikmin, the video is exactly the same, but takes up less of the screen, and has a flowered animated background.


The enemies appear in alphabetical order with the exception of the Swooping Snitchbug, which appears after the Fiery Blowhog. This leads to indicate that the Creature Montage may have been made somewhat early in development, and it seems that the prototype name for the Swooping Snitchbug would be "Flying Snitchbug", or something similar, in order to belong in that spot. As a note, some of the enemies in the Creature Montage seem to appear in locations that that they do not normally appear in, in both the main game and the challenge mode, which is further proof of the montage's early creation.


This list shows the enemies in the same order as they appear in the Creature Montage, i.e., with the Swooping Snitchbug out of place.


  • in the Burrowing Snagret's montage entry, Olimar states that "the bluish hue of its feathers distinigish it from the burrowing snarrow" Although no such thing in the Pikmin universe, at the time, was called a burrowing snarrow, or resembeled the snagret. Although this may have been an early form of the Pileated Snagret that was meant for the original game, but was either removed or was postponed for the second game.
  • The Goolix in the montage seems to be in the Forest Navel but in the final game is moved to the Impact Site on odd days starting on day 9.
  • The bio for the Armored Cannon Beetle, Olimar notes that "This migrant lithopod has developed a stronger carapace than its relatives" Although no relatives appear in the first game, and when its relatives, or juvinile forms of itself, the Armored Cannon Larva, the Decorated Cannon Beetle, and the Arctic Cannon Larva, are found, the Armored Cannon Beete is nowhere to be found. Since the Creature Montage is speculated to have been developed in an early stage of developement, that other enemies have been scrapped in the final game.


Pikmin Creature Montage-0

Pikmin Creature Montage-0


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