Dawn Pustules
Dawn pustules
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 1.00
Quantity 2
Value PokoIconx20 each, x400 total
Weight 1 each, 20 total
Max Carriers 1 each, 20 total
Location Tropical Wilds

Distant Tundra

The Dawn Pustules (ミドリタワワ Drooping Green) are white grapes found in Pikmin 3They are found in bunches of 20, and must be individually plucked, exactly like the Dusk Pustules. If all grapes are collected, they will yield a full cup of juice. There are two bunches in the game, one in the Distant Tundra and one in the Tropical Wilds.


Brittany's American Comments

"These little spheres have it all: smooth skin, delicious juice, a nice smell... They're almost perfect, except that exact shade of green is the captain's, like, favorite color of all time. He painted his room, his fingernails, and (I heard) even his dog this color. Bleh."

Brittany's European Notes

"In colour and shape, these remind me of the Captain in his stupid green suit. Lots of little Captains! Eugh. Luckily, the resemblance ends there. Smooth skin, subtle scent, refined taste. Not like the Captain at all, then!"

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