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The most well-recognized Dwarf Bulborb variant, the Dwarf Red Bulborb

The Dwarf Bulborb (Pansarus pseudoculii) is a species of the Breadbug Family consisting of three subspecies which, through an evolutionary adaption, mimic the appearance of various Bulborbs to avoid being preyed upon by other creatures. The only main differences are that its snout may have a slightly different coloration and that the Snow Bulborb can't grow hair on its back. It is active during the day and seems to have adopted a predatory lifestyle, as opposed to its close cousin, the Common Breadbug, which prefers to scavenge for food. Dwarf Bulborbs can be killed in one hit if you throw a pikmin directly onto it's back. This works in Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 3.

There are four known subspecies of Dwarf Bulborb, each of which mimics the coloration of a different Bulborb variant:


  • The Japanese name for the Dwarf Bulborb is "Kochappi" (小チャッピー)
  • Strangely, the Fiery Dwarf Bulblax's scientific name does not begin with pansarus psuedoculii.