The Electric Cottonade is the fourth boss of Hey! Pikmin, and the boss of Sector 4, Ravaged Rustworks. It is a floating creature surrounded by a cotton-like coat, with bulbous eyes on stalks and a mouth that functions as a vacuum to suck up Pikmin with. It defends itself by surrounding itself with other, smaller cottonades. Its attacks include shooting a bolt of lightning straight down, more lightning bolts from the smaller cottonades, and shooting electric balls diagonally. The Electric Cottonade will drop the Distinguished Speaker when defeated.


Hey! Pikmin Creature Log

"A rare creature that attacks together with its family. The children build up electricity around the parent and use it to stun their prey. The parent then sucks up the stunned prey through its straw-like mouth. It's an amazing display of teamwork! Like seeing my wife and daughter at work bargaining with a shopkeeper..."

Battle Strategy

Note: The following part(s) of the article is a strategy (or strategies); therefore, it is highly subjective, meaning it may not work for everyone.

At first, the Electric Cottonade will be surrounded by its children, and will be undamageable. It will try to position itself above Olimar, and shoot lightning straight down. Just avoid the bolts until the children explode outwards. The two cottonades on the bottom will shoot lightning. Throw your Pikmin onto the parent's body to damage it. Once it shakes them off, if there are any Pikmin knocked down, the Cottonade will attempt so suck it up. Quickly call your knocked down Pikmin before the Cottonade gets the chance to eat your Pikmin. Repeat the previously mentioned steps once, and after the second round of vulnerability, the Cottonade will switch its pattern. After shooting two lightning bolts, the Cottonade will shoot multiple electric balls diagonally on both sides of its body. When the children explode out, three will be on the bottom instead of two, and the cottonades on the sides will shoot lightning as well. Use the same tactics as before, but keep in mind the cottonades on the sides. The boss will continue this attack pattern until it dies.