Eternal Fuel Dynamo
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 40
Max. Carriers 60 Pikmin
Location The Forest of Hope

The Eternal Fuel Dynamo (永久燃料ダイナモ, "Eikyūnenryō Dainamo") is one of the mandatory ship parts in Pikmin. It is typically the second part that is obtained in the game. It is actually just two batteries wired together. It's located in The Forest of Hope and is surrounded by two Dwarf Red Bulborbs and a Red Bulborb, which Olimar can just sneak past, making this a very easy part to obtain. The Eternal Fuel Dynamo provides Captain Olimar with an infinite amount of energy, so he does not have to use candles in order to conserve fuel. 

Collecting the Part

Eternal Fuel Dynamo

The Eternal Fuel Dynamo being retrieved by the Dolphin.

Destroy the white bramble gate at the landing site and kill the Red Bulborb. Go northeast and kill the two Dwarf Red Bulborbs near the part. Have 40 Pikmin carry the part back. There should not be any problems finding it, as it is just lying out in the open.


Discovery Notes

"Why, it's the Eternal Fuel Dynamo! It has an unlimited energy supply! I won't have to worry about saving electricity anymore! This will make my fight for survival a bit easier..."

Ship Log

"This should light things up. No more candles for me!"


  • Ironically, the Positron Generator is also an energy source, meaning that Olimar technically doesn't have to get this ship part. 
  • This is the only ship part that fully appears only on the inside. 

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