Flare Cannon
Flare Cannon
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 198
Series Titan Dweevil Series
Value PokoIconx1000
Weight 30
Max Carriers 40
Location Dream Den

The Flare Cannon is a very small camping stove. It is found on the last (14th) sublevel of the Dream Den, and is held by the powerful Titan Dweevil. It must be knocked off by dealing enough damage. The Titan Dweevil uses it to spray gouts of flame and set non-red Pikmin on fire. When the Flare Cannon malfunctions, it spews flames at a 210 degree angle covering most of the room. This is one of the five treasures that are tied for second in their value, being worth 1,000 Pokos.


Olimar's Notes "This scorching mechanism was once used by a monstrous titan dweevil. The roasting apparatus spews hot jets of flame! I can't keep Louie away from it... He keeps trying to use it to cook sausages and caramelize creme brulee."

Sales Pitch

"In the compressed-air cylinder of this flamethrower, liquid gas is lit, producing the fire that gives the weapon its name. It is very dangerous, and good kids know not to play with it. In case you wonder, it cannot be used as a substitute for a spaceship's rockets and should never be used to cook sausages. Never."



  • The Flare Cannon shoots flames much larger than normal camping stoves.