Fortress of Festivity

Collect the Treasure

Fortress of Festivity
Time Limit 12:00
Treasures 9 (list)
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx5900
World Record 17840
Co-Op World Record 16100
Red Pikmin 11
Yellow Pikmin 15
Blue Pikmin 5
Purple Pikmin 3
White Pikmin 10
Rock Pikmin 10
Winged Pikmin 10
Fortress of Festivity

Battle Enemies

Time Limit 7:30
Enemies 34
Points (w/o time bonus) 690
World Record 3620
Co-Op World Record 3300
Red Pikmin 7
Yellow Pikmin 10
Blue Pikmin 8
Rock Pikmin 10
Wing Pikmin 10

Fortress of Festivity is the first map included in the 3rd round of Downloadable Content for Pikmin 3. It was announced in the November 13, 2013 Nintendo Direct and was released on December 2nd, 2013 for free along with an update.

Because this DLC was launched on December, this stage is Christmas-themed, taking place on a table within an empty house, the table being covered in various festive decorations, fruits, plates, silverware, various food items, and candles. There is even a small Christmas tree situated next to the table with a spiraling ribbon attached to it, which the Pikmin can slide down.

The only enemy who resides here in Collect Treasure is a Bug-Eyed Crawmad, which is hiding in a small pizza box at the end of a long, but linear obstacle puzzle. This challenge mode level, along with the four that follow, has a song playing that is different from the track that is heard in the previous ten stages.

Collect Treasure


The captains sliding down the ribbon that runs around a decorated tree in the Fortress of Festivity.

Pikmin (64)

Enemies and Flora (3)

Treasure (90)

​Battle Enemies

Pikmin (45)

Enemies and Flora (36)


  • This is the only map that features all seven main species of Pikmin.
  • This level has the most fruit out of any map in the game, both in story mode and mission mode, with a total of 90 individual peices of fruit.
  • The Bug-Eyed Crawmad found here is somewhat weaker than other ones. 


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