Fossilized Ursidae
Thumb fossilizedursidae
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 44
Series Paleontology Series
Value PokoIconx160
Weight 25
Max Carriers 35
Location Valley of Repose

The Fossilized Ursidae is a wood carving of a bear fishing. It is found in the Valley of Repose, on top of a ledge. It lies beyond the bridge, so the lake must be drained and the bridge must be built before it can be obtained. The treasure is near the lake where the Fiery Bulblax sleeps and a Decorated Cannon Beetle lives. The treasure is high up on top of a snow bank, so Yellow Pikmin are needed to retrieve it.


Olimar's Journal

"This dead beast has the form of an animal, yet it is encased in an organic compound. I have concluded that it is a groundbreaking biological discovery. The ship says it's nothing more than a wooden statue. I wish it had more of an imagination. No... Then it would probably talk even more than it does now. That would be bad."

Sales Pitch

"Put this in a natural history museum and watch the visitors line up waving money! This giant statue was found on a savage planet and comes with its own rumored curse! Does it really come alive under a full moon? Own it and find out!"