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During the course of Pikmin 3, the three captains collect Fruit and return them to the S.S. Drake, their ship. The premise of this job is to collect the seeds of the fruit to grow on Koppai and to turn the remainder of the fruit into juice to supply the captains with food for the day. Each fruit provides a different amount of juice for the explorers. The basis of Pikmin 3's plot revolves around collecting fruit, similar to the S.S. Dolphin's ship parts in Pikmin, and treasures in Pikmin 2. There are a total of 66 pieces of fruit to collect. Several fruits from Pikmin 3 originally appeared in Pikmin 2 as Treasures.  


Fruit Icon Fruit Name Real Name Juice Quantity

Pikmin 2?

Sunseed berry Icon.png
Sunseed Berry Strawberry




Face Wrinkler.png
Face Wrinkler Lemon


3 No
Cupid's grenade Icon.png
Cupid's Grenade Cherry 0.50 3


Dapper Blob Icon.png
Dapper Blob Mangosteen 1.00 3 No
Velvety Dreamdrop Icon.png
Velvety Dreamdrop Loquat 1.00 4 No
Citrus Lump Icon.png
Citrus Lump Orange 1.50 4


Dusk Pustules Icon.png
Dusk Pustules Red Grapes


3 (20 parts) No
Heroine's tear Icon.png
Heroine's Tear Mango 2.50 1 No
Pocked Airhead Icon.png
Pocked Airhead Tangelo 2.50 2 No
Crimson Banquet Icon.png
Crimson Banquet Watermelon 3.00 1 (6 parts) No
Delectable Bouquet Icon.png
Delectable Bouquet Fig 1.50 2 No
Lesser Mock Bottom Icon.png
Lesser Mock Bottom Plum 1.00 3 No
Portable Sunset Icon.png
Portable Sunset Persimmon 2.00 2 No
Blonde Imposter Icon.png
Blonde Imposter Gold Kiwi 1.50 1 (2 halves) No
Insect Condo Icon.png
Insect Condo Apple 2.00 1 Yes
Seed Hive Icon.png
Seed Hive Papaya 2.50 1 No
Searing Acidshock Icon.png
Searing Acidshock


1.00 4 No
Fire-Breathing Feast Icon.png
Firebreathing Feast


Dragon Fruit


1 No
Zest Bomb Icon.png
Zest Bomb Lime 1.50 3 No
Stellar Extrusion Icon.png
Stellar Extrusion


Star Fruit

2.00 3 (6 halves) No
Scaly Custard Icon.png
Scaly Custard Avocado 1.50 2 No
Wayward Moon Icon.png
Wayward Moon Cantaloupe 3.00 1 No
Astringent Clump Icon.png
Astringent Clump Grapefruit 2.00 2 No
Mock Bottom Icon.png
Mock Bottom Peach 2.00 1 No
Slapstick Crescent Icon.png
Slapstick Crescent Banana 2.50 1 No
Dawn Pustules Icon.png
Dawn Pustules White Grapes


2 (20 parts) No
Disquised Delicacy Icon.png
Disguised Delicacy Green Kiwi 1.50 2 (4 halves) Yes
Juicy Gaggle Icon.png
Juicy Gaggle Raspberry 0.50 4 No
Crunchy Deluge Icon.png
Crunchy Deluge  Asian Pear 2.00 1 No
Tremendous Sniffer Icon.png
Tremendous Sniffer Pear 2.00 1 No
Golden sunseed.png
Golden Sunseed Strawberry N/A


Golden grenade.png
Golden Grenade Cherry N/A N/A No


This video gives us our first look on fruit:


Pikmin 3 - Gameplay Footage (High Quality HD - Nintendo Direct 5-17)

This video gives us our first info on fruit.


  • According to Brittany's notes, Alph is allergic to the Heroine's Tear and the Scaly Custard.
  • All the fruits in Pikmin 3 appear to be fresh and undamaged, which is odd, considering some of them are burried, underwater, not growing on any plant (except a few), and even ingested by creatures. 
  • The box art on the back of the disk box shows pikmin carrying a pomegranate, however no pomegranates appear in game.