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Geiger Counter
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 15
Max. Carriers 25 Pikmin
Location The Forest of Hope

The Geiger Counter (ガイガーカウンター, "Gaigā Cauntā") is a rocket part of the S.S. Dolphin in Pikmin that can be found in The Forest of Hope, inside a Burrowing Snagret. Although the part is vital to the ship's repair, Captain Olimar is ignorant to what its purpose is. He notes it "goes wild and lets out a lot of noise", but he ignores it regardless and admits he should read the operator's manual for it.


Discovery Notes

"It's the Geiger Counter! Every spaceship needs one of these, but I don't actually know what it's for. Every once in a while, it goes wild and lets out a lot of noise, but I never pay much attention to it, so it doesn't do me much good. I really should read that instruction manual one of these days!"

Ship Log

"This noisy gauge is always letting of spontaneous clicks and buzzes. It can be kind of annoying."

Collecting the Part

The Geiger Counter, next to Olimar and a few Blue Pikmin.

From the landing site, go to the right. Break a Wall with Bomb Rocks that's to the left of the Yellow Onion's original position. Defeat a few Red Bulborbs and Dwarf Red Bulborbs and then use Blue Pikmin to push a Cardboard Box near the water, allowing him to progress further. Olimar will then find three Burrowing Snagrets. Mainly attack the Snagret closest to the edge as it has the ship part but be wary of the two neighboring Snagrets. The Whimsical Radar is useful to distinguish the right one. It should be noted that the Snagrets will continue to attack the Pikmin carrying the ship part, so all Snagrets should be defeated to ensure Pikmin safety. If you fear for your Pikmin's safety while carrying the Geiger Counter back to the Dolphin, have blues carry it, as they are immune to drowning and can bypass the Snagrets by carrying it off the edge of the cliff, through the pond underneath and onto land.


  • In real life, a Geiger Counter is a device used to measure radioactivity in a given area. The clicks and buzzes Olimar mentions is the Geiger Counter reading the amount of radiation. The faster the rate of clicks and buzzes means there's more radiation in the local area.

    A geiger counter in real life.

  • The Geiger counter is one of the parts that can be seen on the outside of the ship.
    • It is attached to the door on the front of the ship.
  • Despite the fact that it just appears to measure radiation, it is still needed to fly the ship successfully. However it may be required in order to measure radiation produced by the ship or radiation levels in space and serve to warn Olimar of radiation spikes.