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Glow pikmin attacking

Glow Pikmin using a Glowmob on a Puffy Blowhog.

Glow Pikmin are a type of nocturnal Pikmin. These Pikmin do not have legs and are able to merge and attack as a group to stun enemies.

Glow Pikmin are green with bioluminescent ghost-like bodies. They are capable of flying, but only while attacking. They only come out at night or caves and live in burrow-like mounds called Lumiknolls.


Glow Pikmin propagate more of themselves by bringing Glow Pellets to a Lumiknoll or Tricknoll. Glow Pellet piles can be found laying about in night expeditions, and some will drop from defeated foes during such missions.

Similar to Winged Pikmin, Glow Pikmin can fly, though this flight is strictly limited to attacking aerial foes.

Glow Pikmin have resistance to every single kind of elemental hazard, similar to Bulbmin. They are still vulnerable to all manner of physical hazard though, including but not limited to, stabbing, crushing, or being eaten.

When the player is leading a group of Glow Pikmin, the charge command can be charged by pressing and holding "X" in order to coalesce the Glow Pikmin into a bright green orb, referred to as a "glowmob". This glowmob can be released to launch a huge burst of light, stunning all enemies caught within its radius and leaving them vulnerable to the swarming Glow Pikmin. The ability to charge a glowmob will go into a brief cooldown after being used.

They have the ability to instantly warp to the player or Oatchi's location, depending on which character is being actively controlled. They will do so whenever they finish a task, or when the player switches control. Newly-spawned Glow Pikmin will also teleport themselves to the active character.

Glow Pikmin will automatically bloom from leaf to bud to flower over time, and do not lose their flowers when damaged by enemies.

Glow Pikmin do not "die" in the same sense as other Pikmin do, instead turning into photons that travel back to the Lumiknoll when they suffer critical damage. The strange nature of Glow Pikmin has sometimes led the Rescue Corps to doubt if they can truly be considered "Pikmin".


Glow Pikmin are first introduced when the player embarks on a night expedition. As the levels do not allow access to the Onion or their stockpile of Pikmin, the Glow Pikmin are the player's only resource to protect the Lumiknolls besides Oatchi.

At the start of every level, the Lumiknoll will provide the player with 10 Glow Pikmin. In the event of a Pikmin extinction, the Lumiknoll will spawn 10 more Glow Pikmin.

At the end of a successful night expedition, surviving Glow Pikmin will be converted into Glow Seeds, at a rate of approximately 1 seed per 10 Pikmin. These Glow Seeds allow the player to summon Glow Pikmin at will, though this ability is limited to caves and other night expeditions. Glow Pikmin cannot be cultivated outside of caves or night expeditions, and there are no "wild" Glow Pikmin anywhere in the game.



  • The flowers and buds upon a Glow Pikmin's head are slightly different than that of other Pikmin types. The bud is thinner and longer, and the flower's petals are spikier and more rigid.
  • Glow Pikmin are the only Pikmin species in Pikmin 4 to not have an onion of their own.
  • Oddly enough, losing Glow Pikmin, whether in a night expedition or in a cave, does not count towards Pikmin casualty totals.
  • This is one of the few asymmetrical animals, as well as the second asymmetrical Pikmin, the first being Rock Pikmin.
  • Glow Pikmin, Winged Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Ice Pikmin are the only Pikmin to not appear in Pikmin Short Movies.
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