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Appears in Pikmin 2
Scientific name Nocturnica illuminati
Family Glowcap
Areas None
Underground areas Subterranean Complex
White Flower Garden
Snagret Hole
Cavern of Chaos
Hole of Heroes
Dream Den
Challenge Mode levels None
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels None
Carry weight N/A
Max. carriers N/A
Seed worth N/A
Attacks N/A
Glowstems are used for scenery in Pikmin 2. They appear to Hocotatian explorers to be relatives of the Common Glowcap, but in actuality, these tiny lights are what are known as LEDs, or Light-emitting diodes. They are never seen above ground and can only be found in certain cave sublevels with a metallic layout. Despite the lack of insulation covering the live wires, Glowstems pose no electrical threat, nor any other kind, to Pikmin or captains, and have been added to levels merely for aesthetic affect. However, they are noted to indeed be electrically live in Louie's note on the plant, apparently causing a bout of "breakdancing" when consumed. Rarely, they appear in a green version.

Coming into contact with these "plants" can cause Bomb Rocks to drop from the ceiling in certain caves. This is relatively easy to cause on the 5th sublevel of the Subterranean Complex. If attempts are unsuccessful, run around the sublevel running into each Glowstem after it has already been cleared of bomb-rocks and Volatile Dweevils. At least one bomb-rock should be triggered by the Glowstems. This can happen with either the red or the green variants of Glowstem, as both appear in the sublevel. This makes Glowstems a somewhat easy way to scout out bomb rocks in caves with them.


Olimar's Notes

"Although they are obviously unrelated, the glowstem bears a striking resemblence to the street lights on Hocotate. It is highly possible that glowstems could be a relic of some unknown civilization beyond the scope of our imagination."

Louie's Notes

"Inedible. Known effects include uncontrollable episodes of impromptu break dancing."



  • It's scientific name, Nocturnica illuminati, means 'nocturnal illuminate'. Nocturnia is close to nocturnal, and illuminati is close to illuminate.

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