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Guard Satellite
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location Forest Navel

The Guard Satellite is a ship part found in Pikmin in The Forest Navel. For Olimar, the Guard Satellite guarded him and the Dolphin in deep space. Once obtained, Captain Olimar comments that he could sleep better at night with this part running. It protected Olimar many times from space pirates, but somehow didn't detect the asteroid that stranded the S.S. Dolphin on PNF-404.


Discovery Notes

"The Guard Satellite! Deep space is filled with dangers. This automated satellite does its part to help guard both me and my spaceship. I'll sleep better at night once this little satellite is back on duty."

Ship Log

"This has protected me from space pirates many, many times."

Collecting the Part

Gaurd Satellit
The Guard Satellite, sitting next to the Pellets dropped by Beady Long Legs.

Unfortunately, the ship part is found inside the body of a Beady Long Legs. Before getting it, defeat some Male Sheargrubs and Shearwigs and use Bomb Rocks to destroy the stone gate. Then use Yellow Pikmin to fight the Beady Long Legs and have at least twenty Red Pikmin carry the part across the fire geysers and Fiery Blowhog.


  • This is one of the ship parts seen outside of the ship when collected.
    • It hovers behind the ship when landed and it attaches to the lower left side when it lifts off.
  • Even though this is supposed to protect Olimar, it is unknown why the satellite did not function properly in the beginning of the first game, when the asteroid struck down Olimar.
  • The mentioning of "space pirates" may be pointing to a reference to Metroid.

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