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Hey! Pikmin is a spin-off game of the Pikmin series, released on July 23, 2017 in Japan and July 28, 2017 in North America and Europe alongside the New Nintendo 2DS XL and Miitopia, for the Nintendo 3DS. It does not appear to take place during the main series, or at least has no connections to the previous games. It introduces no new Pikmin, but you can find twenty Pikmin per level, normally in groups of four. However, this game got a high controversy because of his codename "PK04" made people confusing this game with Pikmin 4, who made people mad too much (also hating) with this game


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

After making a delivery, Captain Olimar heads back home to his planet, Hocotate, in his brand new ship: the S.S. Dolphin II. As he tries to enter warp speed, something malfunctions within the spacecraft. Olimar soon found himself caught dead center within an asteroid field! He dodged left and right, but his engines take a hit and he loses control.

Captain Olimar then crash lands on a very familiar planet, finding out that his ship no longer has any Sparklium, its main fuel. The S.S Dolphin II tells Olimar that they need 30,000 Sparklium in order to successfully power up the ship, however their Sparklium Converter is missing as well. The ship then senses a signal coming from somewhere nearby.

They find a Red Pikmin on the way to where the signal is, which looks at them for a while, then runs. After following the direction it went, they find the Pikmin hiding in the weeds, where four are actually hiding. Soon after, the S.S Dolphin II tells Olimar that those yellow shiny seeds are actually Sparklium seeds.

Olimar, with the help of the Pikmin once more, must harvest and use 30,000 Sparklium Seeds and retrieve his missing ship part in order to return to his home planet.

Spoilers end here.


The gameplay of Hey! Pikmin is not like any other in the series. Rather than a 3D environment where you control the Captains from overhead, it is a side-scroller. The touch screen is utilized to throw Pikmin, along with a few other mechanics. There are no days left on the planet system, neither is there a time limit, so you can spend however long you want on the levels. You can't get a Pikmin Extinction, either.


Throw Pikmin - Tap screen

Whistle - Tap bottom right button on screen

Jetpack - Tap bottom right button on screen next to whistle

Pause - Start, end expedition


Sector 1- Brilliant Garden

Sector 2- Verdant Waterfront

Sector 3- Sparkling Labyrinth

Sector 4- Ravaged Rustworks

Sector 5- Leafswirl Lagoon

Sector 6- Sweltering Parchlands

Sector 7- Snowfall Field

Sector 8- Lushlife Murk

Sector 9- The Final Stretch

Pikmin Park


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  • Hey! Pikmin has been the Pikmin game Shigeru Miyamoto said was near completion during an interview in 2014, instead of Pikmin 4.
  • Hey! Pikmin is the first and only Pikmin game thus far to not introduce any new Pikmin types.

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