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Ice Pikmin are the first type of Pikmin seen in Pikmin 4.

Ice Pikmin can freeze enemies, and when they make contact with a body of water, it will freeze, allowing the player character to traverse through it with ease. Despite being able to float on bodies of water, they are still damaged by water hazards. They also have noticeably lower attack power in battle and additionally burn to death faster when lit aflame by enemies or hazards, lasting roughly 4 seconds instead of 6. They leave small snow and water vapor particles around them as they move, and they are Light-Blue with yellow flowers, but otherwise share a resemblance with Rock Pikmin.

Ice Pikmin are first found in the Last-Frost Cavern. They are the most recommended Pikmin in the game, being recommended in every area except Giant’s Hearth.



Ice Pikmin freezing water.

Frozen bulborb

A frozen Red Bulborb.

The main ability for Ice Pikmin is their freezing ability. They can freeze water by throwing in as many Ice Pikmin as indicated when hovering the cursor above the body of water. Freezing the water allows other types of Pikmin and the player to walk on top of it.

Ice Pikmin do not do very much damage in combat. However, when attacking enemies, or when eaten by them, Ice Pikmin will progressively freeze them, as represented by a ring-shaped gauge around the enemy's health wheel. Once the gauge is full, the enemy freezes, which has effects similar to Ultra-Bitter Spray from Pikmin 2; the enemy is frozen, unable to move or attack, and when destroyed while frozen, it releases no carcass, but instead drops of Nectar and Ultra-Spicy Spray. If not defeated after 6 seconds, a frozen enemy will begin shaking and eventually break out of the ice, knocking any attached Pikmin to the ground. When Ice Pikmin are eaten, they can freeze the enemy that way too. Enemies that have ice abilities themselves cannot be frozen.

Ice Pikmin are also immune to ice; they cannot be frozen by Icy Blowhogs, Iceblown Dweevils, Ice Walls, the Ancient Sirehound's second phase, and other ice hazards. Ice Pikmin that get trapped in bubbles will freeze the bubble and then quickly pop it. Ice Pikmin can freeze Hydro Jellies, which allows other types of Pikmin to burst it.


Dalmo's Notes[]

“With the frigid air welling up endlessly from inside their icy bodies, they can freeze anything at all! If you throw enough of them in a pond, they'll freeze the surface so solidly that you can walk right across it! They're just like little ice wizards!”

Olimar's Notes[]

“Pikmin supposedly evolved from plants, yet there are also Pikmin species with bodies made of ice, known as ice Pikmin. How is this possible? The answer to this question lies in the fact that Ice Pikmin are parasitic by nature, and the ice serves as their host. The composition of this type of ice is, predictably, mostly water, but it resembles saline solution with faint concentrations of trace sodium ions, potassium ions, and calcium ions that function as neural transmitters. Interestingly, the ice exhibits no visual signs of melting or dripping when exposed to sunlight. This is due to its low-temperature core, which continuously creates more ice in order to maintain a consistent size.”

Louie's Notes[]

“A kitchen essential used for freezing ingredients and storing leftovers.”


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  • Ice Pikmin are the first type of Pikmin since the introduction of White Pikmin to be immune to an elemental hazard.
  • White Pikmin and Ice Pikmin are the only types of Pikmin to use their specific resistant elements in combat, with White Pikmin poisoning enemies when eaten and Ice Pikmin freezing them after a certain amount of hits or being eaten as well.
  • Similar to Rock Pikmin, Ice Pikmin are referred to as parasitic. It is implied that they both belong to the same subset of Pikmin, known as "Hermikmin", which store their organs inside blocky, solid surfaces. However, it would be inaccurate to label either of them as parasites, as they simply use an inanimate object as a vessel—similar to their subset's namesake, the hermit crab—and do not rely on other organisms.
  • This type of Pikmin is the most recommended for overworld areas in the Pikmin 4. They are recommended in all but Giant's Hearth, for a total of 5 of the game's 6 areas.
  • Ice Pikmin die to fire in 4 seconds, unlike the usual 6 seconds for other Pikmin types. This was likely implemented to make the game more realistic, even in subtle ways.
  • Ice Pikmin are similar to the Ultra Bitter Spray, as they both have abilities that cause enemies to stop moving. In the sprays case, it causes enemies to be petrified and turned to stone. In ice pikmin’s case, enemies get frozen when an ice pikmin is attacking it.
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