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Interstellar Radio
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring

The Interstellar Radio is one of the 10 ship parts found in The Distant Spring in Pikmin. The Interstellar Radio emits a constant S.O.S. signal, and emits voices to counteract the loneliness of space.


Discovery Notes

"I've found my Interstellar Radio! Not only does it emit a constant S.O.S. signal, it also broadcasts voices from space that will brighten up my moments of boredom. The Dolphin, while comfortable, becomes quite a lonely place in the depths of the night..."

Ship Log

"This part will send out a daily S.O.S. signal. I have so little time remaining, though, that I have no option but to continue my search rather than waiting for a rescue party. Having to collect every part is a bit overwhelming...but I get the impression not all parts are needed to fly the ship."

Collecting the Part

Interstellar Radio

The Interstellar Radio being collected by the Dolphin.

It is found inside the body of a Puffy Blowhog in the big lake, and is near three Water Dumples. On land, defeat the Spotty Bulbear to insure the Pikmin's safety. 


  • Although the description of the part indicates that the device emits a constant SOS, no help is sent from Hocotate to assist Olimar during his first journey on the planet. However, Olimar says this is beacuse he has no time to wait for help. 
  • The Interstellar Radio is one of the parts that can be seen on the outside of the ship.
    • It hovers behind the ship when landed and it attaches to the lower right side when the ship lifts off.

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