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Gamepad Communicator

Alph communicating with Brittany in Pikmin 3 beta.

The KopPad (GPAD in Japan) is a device used in Pikmin 3. It is very similar to the Wii U Gamepad. The device serves many purposes to help the characters through the game. The Wii U Gamepad functions as this device during the game.

The KopPad is personalized as their screen rim color matches that of their owner. Alph's is blue, Charlie's is green, and Brittany's is pink.



The Gamepad displaying the KopPad HUD.

The KopPad displays a map of the area you are currently in, and can be used to better manage the Captains and Pikmin. By touching an area on the map, the game will pause and the camera will shift into a bird's-eye veiw above the selected point. However, to prevent cheating, only areas that the captains have already explored will render. By touching a captain, the player can trace a path on the map to make the captain automatically move to that position. This tactic can be used to have multiple captains moving at once, and will allow for much more work to be accomplished in a single day.

The KopPad's HUD also displays a set of 5 icons. The icons do as follows:

  • The planet icon shows a birds-eye view of the currently explored area.
  • The Data File icon allows you to view all currently collected Data Files
  • The Pikmin icon shows the amount of Pikmin in the Onion, on the field, and how many are in your squad, working or idle.
  • The fruit icon shows all fruit that have been collected and allows you to see Brittany's comments on them.
  • The camera icon allows you to take pictures from a first-person perspective, and upload them to Miiverse.


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  • The device's name is a portanemeau of Koppai (the home planet of Alph, Brittany, and Charlie) and Gamepad.
  • The Japanese version is called the GPad, a parody on the WiiU's Gamepad.
  • Oddly, when an explorer uses their KopPad to contact another explorer, that explorer is seen not holding a KopPad.  Although unlikely, it is possible that it is placed on a stand to allow better a view of the recipient, as they can be seen leaning forward to turn it off.
  • It is unknown what Olimar and Louie use to communicate, but their devices appear to use similar technology and the same wavelength as they can contact the Koppaites and the memory cards can be run by the KopPads.