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Alph, Brittany, and Charlie on the surface of PNF-404, looking for food to save their home planet, Koppai.

Koppaites are a sentient race featured in Pikmin 3. Their current home planet is Koppai. Although they are very similar to Hocotatians, they have a few differences that make them distinguishable.


Koppaites stand around the size of a nickel, the same general size of a Hocotatian. Unlike Hocotatians, however, Koppaites seem to grow more hair on their heads, have smaller noses, and eyes that appear to be wide open at all times; whereas a Hocotatian's eyes appear small, squinted, and black normally, but widen into a more circular shape to expose their irises when startled. Koppaites also have smaller ears that are rounded at the ends, as opposed to the Hocotatians' broader, pointed ones.

Another trait that sets Koppaites apart from Hocotatians is that Koppaites are able to breathe oxygen. However, they must still wear a protective suit while on the surface of PNF-404 because its oxygen levels are three times higher than that of Koppai's.

Koppaites are also only capable of metabolizing a substance called Piktamin U. It is explained by Brittany that Pikpik Carrots do not contain Piktamin U, which is the reason why Hocotate Freight could not help with Koppai's food crisis. Fortunately, the massive fruits found on PNF-404 contain large amounts of this substance.

Alph mentions that the Koppaite's brain is incapable of deciding whether or not they are still hungry, meaning they can continuously eat without stopping. He also states that this is the very reason Koppai was doomed from the moment the Koppaites began to inhabit it.

Koppaites can also speak the same language as Hocotatians, as the ending cutscene of Pikmin 3 involved the three Koppaites and Captain Olimar having a discussion.

It is possible, though not confirmed, that Koppaites might be a related species to Hocotatians, but adapted to a different environment.


  • If the three Captains are walking around without any Pikmin, they will eventually start singing the intro cinematic melody.
  • Piktamin U is a word fusion of Pikmin, vitamin, and U (As in Wii U).

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