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Minor characters are characters mentioned in the Pikmin series and sometimes seen in icons or portraits, but are never seen exploring PNF-404. Some of these characters include Auntie Bea and Louie's Grandmother. As such, most minor characters are never revealed to have a specific name.

Olimar's family[]

Olimar's family

Olimar's family consists of his wife, his son, his daughter, and his pet, Bulbie. Since Olimar works for Hocotate Freight, it seems he gets little time to spend with his family. In Pikmin 3, he addresses this by stating that he will take his whole family on a vacation when he gets home. It is also seen that Olimar's family has no knowledge of money, because they spend Olimar's bonuses on things like trips to the hot springs, and his son states that he should send in a Bonus check for a offer in a SPAM email. 

Olimar's wife[]

Main article: Olimar's wife

Olimar's wife is a woman who cares much about her kids.

Olimar's son[]

Main article: Olimar's son

Olimar's son is a standard kid. He seems to be fascinated by his father's adventures, and seems to envy him. He enjoys games more than studying, in contrast to Olimar's daughter.

Olimar's daughter[]

Main article: Olimar's daughter

Olimar's daughter is seen only wearing a pink suit with a hood of sorts, and has little personality.


Main article: Bulbie

Bulbie is Olimar's pet. He is most likely the Hocotatian form of a dog. He is briefly mentioned in Pikmin, and is described to physically resemble a Bulborb in Pikmin 2. According to Olimar's Son, he gets thin after Olimar's Wife forgets to feed him, and he later eats many Pikpik Carrots. It is also mentioned that Olimar's Wife threatens to send Bulbie away to the circus. Bulbie is also mentioned in the mail of Pikmin 2, as Olimar's son asks him if he battles creatures just like Bulbie on the foreign planet.

Louie's family[]

Three members of Louie's family are alluded to in Pikmin 2: his father, his aunt, and his grandmother. Only his grandmother speaks at all through mail, and none of them have nearly as much development as the members of Olimar's family. All of them, however, seem to be quite fond of bugs.

Louie's grandmother[]

Main article: Louie's grandmother

Louie's grandmother shows a lot of love for Louie, as well as a lot of concern as he is missing for part of Pikmin 2.

Louie's father[]

Louie's father has no personality and is mentioned only briefly in an e-mail from Louie's grandmother:

"Louie, I heard that you completed your task! Congratulations! My little Louie has become an extraordinary man! How about visiting your dad? I've got bug juice!"

From this, it can at least be assumed that Louie's father is the son of his grandmother.

Louie's aunt[]

Louie's aunt is only briefly mentioned by The President, who refers to her as Louie's "aunty". She is mentioned to have sent some cookies to The President, but no other notes are made of her.

"Louie, your auntie sent me some cookies. Now, I only meant to taste one, but... then I ate them all. Sorry. To make up for it, I shall officially make you a Cookie Specialist."

The President's Family[]

The President has only one known member of his Family, his wife. 

The President's Wife[]

Main article: The President's Wife

The President's Wife is quite a sassy woman. She reveals to constantly be yelling at her husband for loafing around.

Alph's family[]

Alph has only one important member of his family: his grandfather, Drake. Alph talks about him sometimes while aboard the S.S. Drake. He also has many siblings. 


Very little is known about Drake. All that is known about him is that he designed the S.S. Drake and that he knows about some of Hocotate's history. Other than that, it is said that Alph spent a lot of time with his grandfather as a child. As a result, he looks up to Drake as a role model.

Alph's siblings []

Alph also has 12 older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. Alph mentioned how his older sister used to always share food with him even when it was scarce. Other than that, Alph doesn't talk about them much.

Brittany's family[]

Brittany also has only one known member of her family, who is Auntie Bea.

Auntie Bea[]

Auntie Bea is Brittany's aunt. In the American/NTSC version of the game, she is known for her famous fruit pastries on Koppai. Auntie Bea's hair is similar to the color of the Dusk Pustules. The game states this as a 'rebellious streak', possibly saying most Koppaites don't have that color of hair. Auntie Bea's nose is similar in shape to the Tremendous Sniffer, and she is the envy of the family because of her nose. She treated Brittany with lots of love, giving her sweets and such in the European/PAL version, and Brittany likes her because of it.

Charlie's Family[]

None of Charlie's blood relatives are ever mentioned, but the NTSC version mentions a dog while the PAL version mentions a pet duck named Elizabeth. Alph also mentions that he's not sure if Charlie is married or not.

Charlie's Dog/Charlie's Duck[]

Charlie's Rubber Ducky

In the NTSC version, Brittany mentions that Charlie has a pet dog when she takes notes on the Dawn Pustules. Charlie apparently painted his dog to match his favorite color -- the shade of green seen on his spacesuit. Unlike with Bulbie, this pet is directly stated to be a dog, so Koppai must have animal species similar to those of Earth, at least in theory.

In the PAL version, there is no mention of a dog at all. Instead, in one "Talk" section Alph asks Charlie who "Elizabeth" is. Charlie then explains that Elizabeth is his pet duck with which he shares a strong bond with and that he considers her his soulmate. Again, this pet is directly stated to be a duck, so together with Charlie's Rubber Ducky and Brittany's mention of Geese, Koppai must have animal species' that closely resembles those of Earth.


SPAM bargains

An example of a spam icon from the mail.

There are five characters in Pikmin 2 that send spam e-mails after the debt has been repaid. The icons for these characters are all shady, leaving their appearances mostly unknown. They all attempt to advertise one thing or another and include the address of either pikmin.com or nintendo.com at the bottom of their messages.

Spam 1[]

The first spam message the player will receive is from a person who is apparently very lonely and wants a friend to listen to their troubles. Based on the shady outline, this character is probably female.

Spam 2[]

The second spam message is from someone talking about saving tons of pokos through bargains and cut-rate prices. Olimar's Son also mentions that he received a similar message, and asks Olimar if he should send his bonus check.

Spam 3[]

The third spam message is received after Louie has been recovered. The sender talks about some device that accordingly "slices... dices... plays videogames... sends mail... wraps gifts" and "cures snoring".

Spam 4[]

The fourth spam message talks about changing jobs, and finding "the new you". It advertises an unseen company known as Hocotate Whiz.

Spam 5[]

The fifth and final spam message is received after all the treasures have been collected. It advertises music. It speaks of "Pikpik's greatest hits", implying that there is a band on Hocotate by the name of Pikpik.



Main article: Schnauz

Schnauz is a treasure appraiser from Siguray.


Main article: Kingsly

He (Kinda like the Mamuta) likes flowers so much, he is a florist. He's from Ooji


Main article: Dingo

He is an officer who wants to be one of the strongest. He's from Ohri.


Main article: Dalmo

Dalmo is an animal enthusiast from the planet Sozor.


Main article: François

He's a member of the Research Task Force from Ooji.


Main article: Pitunia

She's a member of the Research Task Force from Ogura.


Main article: Yonny

Yonny is the medical doctor from the Rescue Corps. He makes medicine out of Glow Sap, which he gets from Lumiknolls. He's from Ohri.


Main article: Puddle

He's a universal stylist from Enohay. With him, you can change your look to match whatever style you want.


Main article: Mika

She's a teacher from Neechki. She's a member of the Alayon Academy and the Planetary Science Club.


Main article: Sy

He is a member of the Research Task Force from Ogura.


Main article: Sheeba

A student of the Alayon Academy and member of the Planetary Science Club from Neechki.


Main article: Muggs

She's a reporter from the Space Broadcast Inc. from Enohee.


Main article: Keesh

A student of the Alayon Academy and member of the Planetary Science Club from Neechki.


Main article: Osa

An archaeologist from Siguray. He is part of the Research Task Force.


Main article: Frisé

She's a composer from Enohee who is traveling with a famous opera singer and a TV crew.


Main article: Kaia

She spends her time cloudgazing. The final member of the Alayon Academy and the Planetary Science Club. Also from Neechki


Main article: Vonda

An opera singer from Enohay. She hired a TV company for art.


Main article: Twyla

She is a member of the Research Task Force from Conohan.

Don Bergman[]

Main article: Don Bergman

A Koppaite who was once a ranger, but is now a treasure hunter. He resembles Charlie.


Main article: Bernise

A fortune teller from Enohay.


Main article: Horatio

A tourist from Sozor. He thinks he spreads cheer wherever he goes, but usually does the opposite.


Main article: Yorke

A Koppaite who failed to become a Leafling. He is a grandson of Dr. Drake. He resembles Alph.


Main article: Sammy

A Research Task Force recruit from Ocobo. His home region is usually stormy, so it's like finding gold to see a perfectly clear sky.


Main article: Wolfgang

The director of the Space Broadcast Inc. from Enohee. He goes into an existential crisis sometimes.


Main article: Nelle

Another Koppaite who failed to become a leafling. She's a veterinarian who's here with Don Bergman in pursuit of treasure. She resembles Brittany.

List of curable Leaflings[]


Main article: Dash

Known for saying "You can always find me in the pits!" He's a professional spelunker from Flukuey.


Main article: Corgwin

A general contractor from Moyama, He plans to build houses at PNF-404.


Main article: Jin

An explorer from Flukuey, he likes to explore uncharted planets wherever he goes.


Main article: Bernard

The captain of the Rescue Corps. He was turned into a leafling while escaping another. He was once a pilot in the private sector, and is optimistic. He's from Nijo. Upon rescuing him, Collin notices that Oatchi's tail has turned into a leaf.


Main article: Chet

He's the leader of the Research Task Force. As leader, he keeps the team together, but does little else. He's from Mihama.


Main article: Patch

A gambler from Flukuey. He has no job yet.


Main article: Chewy

The tour guide of Satella Travel, who organized the Uncharted Planet Tour to prevent her company from going Bankrupt. She's from Neechki.


Main article: Molly

A streamer from Flukuey, she came to PNF-404 to gain content and followers.


Main article: Kit

Another member of the Research Task Force from Siguray. He's a mineral expert.


Main article: Komo

Her home planet is facing ecological destruction due to pollution and other factors, so she is working on hydrologic cycles to save it. She's a member of the Research Task Force.


Main article: Alpin

He's the CEO of a telecom company from Conohan.


Main article: Chowder

Traveling the galaxy, waiting for a big idea, He followed whims in real estate for 27 years. He's from Conohan.


Main article: Lapi

He's a painter from Koodgio. He joined the tour to paint these landscapes. Unfortunately, he forgot his art supplies.


Main article: Ren

He won a cooking show, so helps the Research Task Force in culinary efforts. He's from Enohee.


Main article: Grace

Originally from Sozor, She floats around in space for bliss. However, police are suspicious.


Main article: Santi

The pilot of the Uncharted Planet Tour at Satella Travel, He's had many jobs over the years. He also crosses paths with his rival.


Main article: Kayz

Secretary at Tulbo Real Estate to Chowder. He's very loyal. He's also from Maxima.


Main article: Boris

He is an author who is struggling to write the follow-up to his best-selling debut novel, and as a result, avoids the demands from his editor. He's from Koodgio.


Main article: Fawks

"Be the first to jump ship" is his motto as he's a venture capitalist from Conohan.


A television actor from Conohan.