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The Luring Slurker is an enemy encountered in Hey! Pikmin. It is the boss of Sector 7, Snowfall Fields, and is based on ice. During the battle, it will make the water level rise and lower. It looks similar to the Medusal Slurker.


Hey! Pikmin Creature Log

"This floating creature makes its home in humid climates. It attacks by lashing its sticky tongue at its prey from its gelatinous body. Once it sticks, the tongue can drain the heat from a target. It's this property of its tongue that lets it turn the lake water into ice to drop as an attack. Hmm... All this talk of tongues and ice... I'm getting thirsty."

Battle Strategy

It first attacks of its attack pattern is first stomping the ground with its tongue about three times, then the fourth time it will stick its tongue in the water, which then you can attack its tongue, making it fall to the ground, where Pikmin can stomp on it. Then, it will fly into the air again, makes a cone of ice around its head, like a drill, then slams into the ground bouncing. Once after it finishes this attack, it will then again stomp its tongue three times, but this time its tongue moves and you have to hit it while it moves quickly. After this attack, the cone of ice around it when it bounces, ice chunks fall off, making it more dangerous.



  • If its tongue was actually sticky, the Pikmin you use against it would stick to its tongue.