Monster Pump
Monster Pump
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 200
Series Titan Dweevil Series
Value PokoIconx1000
Weight 30
Max Carriers 40
Location Dream Den
The Monster Pump is a water tap and an attached pressure gauge that appears in Pikmin 2 . It is found on the last (14th) sublevel of the Dream Den, and is held by the powerful Titan Dweevil. It must be knocked off by dealing enough damage. It shoots out blasts of water via the tap. It can be avoided by watching the shadows of the drops carefully and moving if the shadow appears over your Pikmin. Continually switch captains to make sure no Pikmin are drowning while this is being fired. When the Monster Pump malfunctions, it will fire drops of water at a much faster pace. This is one of the five treasures that are tied for second in their value. This is the only weapon that does not have a limited range of attack.


Olimar's Journal

"This savage water pump was just one of many weapons wielded by the titan dweevil. This pump is capable of spraying jets of hyper-pressurized water!"

Sales Pitch

"This item automatically detects subterranean waterways, even if the water is buried a mile deep! This monster pump draws liquid ay distance, and its almost-uncontrollable power is fantastic!"