Nectar Egg
Appears in Pikmin 2
Pikmin 3
Areas Pikmin 2
Valley of Repose

Perplexing Pool
Wistful Wild
Pikmin 3
Tropical Wilds
Garden of Hope
Distant Tundra
Twilight River
Formidable Oak

Underground areas All caves excluding Emergence Cave
Challenge Mode levels Pikmin 2
Explorer's Cave
Novice Training
Green Hole
Hot House
Brawny Abyss
Three Color Training
Emperor's Realm
Pikmin 3
Thirsty Desert
Silver Lake
Tropical Forest
Twilight Hollow Remix
Fortress of Festivity
Beastly Cavern
Forgotten Cove
Clockwork Chasm
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels None
Carry weight N/A
Max. carriers N/A
Seed worth N/A
Attacks N/A
Hit points 50
A Nectar egg is a white, ovulate object in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. These are the eggs of some insect, but it is unknown what insect these eggs come from. They are found in specific areas above ground in both games, as well as random areas in the caves of Pikmin 2. They usually contain nectar, but may also contain sprays, Mitites or bomb rocks. It seems that the eggs seen being held by Honeywisps may actually be connected to these ones, as they function identically. 

To destroy a Nectar Egg, simply throw a Pikmin on it or punch it a few times with your Captain. The eggs pose absolutely no harm to either one. However, in Pikmin 2, it is advisable to throw a Purple Pikmin onto a nectar egg, as this will immediately break the egg and all contained Mitites will be killed, if there are any. In Pikmin 3Rock Pikmin destroy eggs on impact much like Purples, but there is not risk of Mitites, so it's not as strongly recommended.


There are no nectar eggs in the first game, but they can be found in many places in Pikmin 2; each number represents the number of nectar eggs in a group. Also, note that nectar eggs may appear in almost all underground locations. Either on the ground or falling from the cave ceiling. In Pikmin 3, eggs still appear, but not as conveniently as they did in Pikmin 2. They can also be found under Flukeweeds. Flukeweeds that hold nectar eggs only require one Winged Pikmin to uproot.

Pikmin 2

Pikmin 3

  • Distant Tundra: 8
    • ​Locations:
      • Where you'd fight the Shaggy Long Legs, 1 of which is hidden under a Flukeweed.
  • Twilight River: 1
    • Locations:
      • Hidden under a Flukeweed near the discovery location of the Pink Onion.
  • Formidable Oak


Pikmin 3 Prima Guide

"Smash one of these small objects to reveal a puddle of Nectar or Ultra Spicy Nectar."


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