Nova Blaster
This is not a mandatory ship part.
Weight 30
Max. Carriers 50 Pikmin
Location Forest of Hope

The Nova Blaster is a ship part of the S.S. Dolphin in Pikmin. The brochure claims that It emits a powerful burst of light said to be able to destroy stellar objects as large as stars. It is unknown why a cargo ship like the Dolphin would have this weapon, however, it is assumed that its purpose is as a means of defense against space pirates. The brochure also claims that the blasts could travel through the currents of space.


Discovery Notes

"I've found the Nova Blaster! This emits a dazzling burst of light capable of destroying almost anything! I'm not exactly sure about this, but the promotional brochure claims that its blasts can travel in the currents of space-time, smashing through stars and into the rifts of space."

Ship Log

"This is a weapon of such incredible destructive force that it can blast stars into tiny pieces... It has a strange allure."

Collecting the Part


The Nova Blaster sitting where it is found.

Simple enough, destroy the stone wall next to the landing area with Bomb Rocks. Defeat the Dwarf Bulborbs and a Red Bulborb. Destroy the black gate or go through a small opening in the tree stump's root. Continue down the path, beating more Bulborbs. It is at the end, next to a rusted open tin can.

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