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Olimar's Comeback is the second campaign of the Side Stories mode in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It is centered around Olimar and Louie having to repair the Hocotate Ship by collecting ship parts, similarly to what Olimar had to do with the S.S. Dolphin in Pikmin. Olimar's Comeback takes place after the game's main story, and it can be unlocked by clearing Story Mode.

Each day has a different goal, and although their ultimate mission is to bring back the Hocotate Ship, some days are dedicated towards planning or solving other problems. Their first day involves them gathering a Pikmin army large enough to help them with the task, some days require them to clear out enemies in the way, and some others simply task them to make a profit by gathering fruits and nuggets, among other scenarios. Instead of starting with a video log, every day of this mode starts with a simple written log by Olimar.

List of missions[]

Olimar's Comeback has a total of ten missions.

Day Name Objective
1 Pikmin Reunion Collect Pikmin!
2 Creature Hunting Battle enemies!
3 Land, Sea, and Sky Battle enemies!
4 First Part Found Carry the part!
5 Team Monster Hunt Battle enemies!
6 Channel Gone Dry Collect Fruits and Nuggets!
7 Looking for Louie Find Louie!
8 Big Fruit Carnival Collect Fruits!
9 Another Part Found Carry the part!
10 The Ship Restored Collect parts!