These are the policies contributors on this wikia must follow, for the sake of keeping the site safe and clean. We want to be on the positive side of the community!

1. Do not ask for a user's password, even if you are admin or bereaucrat. Such offense results in an automatic, permanent block of the person who asked.

2. Do not post any fan content such as Chuggaconroy information, fan-based information, or fan art. However, up to 3 user images can be uploaded at a single time, including fan-art. However, such images cannot be used solely for the sake of enhancing a fan-blog.

3. Excessive use of profane/vulgar language will not be tolerated, along with racial/religious slurs. The first time, a person will receive a warning. The second time, that user will be blocked for a short period of time, and the third usage will receive a block of a longer duration. All profanity will be censored if caught. "Crap", though not the nicest of words, is not classified as profanity.

4. Do not flame or troll other users.

5. Never respond to old comments on Talk Pages, Forums, and so on unless you have something truly important to say on the topic.

6. Please do not add biased content to articles, use a neutral point of view.

7. Do not add speculation to articles (i.e. the Hairy Bulborb looks like a dog).

8. All notes, recipies, sales, etc. belong on their respective pages. For example, breadbug/louie belongs on the breadbug page.

9. Please do not upload irrelevent images to the Pikmin Wiki, such as self/personal portraits, icons (Facebook logo, Angry Bird, etc.), etc. However, anything that you wish to use on your user page or signature must be marked with {{User image}} in the description so we know that it is a user image.

10. This wiki is not for users to make a profit; please do not sell homemade items to other users. This is a wiki, not E-Bay or Amazon. Redirectory link to other websites, however, is fine.

11. Do not create pages, blogs, or comments, etc. "Just to do it". It is considered spam, and will be treated as such.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.