The following is a guideline for both joining and using the Pikmin Wiki Skype Chat. Please note, you do not have to have a mic/video cam to use the chat, being a text-spirit is fine. 

Joining Requirements:

  1. Be active in the Pikmin community. Whether it be that you want to become more active in the Pikmin community, or help out on the wiki, you can join.
  2. Be a reliable person. If we don't like having 'trolls' or 'griefers' in our wiki, why should we have you in our call?
  3. Be able to listen to others. When we have (what we call) "Work Day", usually the admins lead other members of the call to do large projects on the wiki (page overhauling, getting and uploading pictures, video gathering). Members must be able to take orders (like a pikmin!).
  4. Be able to give input. For example, sometimes an admin can have a huge project planned. It, however, can cause future problems. Bring this up, it will help the wiki out greatly. 
  5. Contact an Admin. Simply contact an admin on both their talk page and on Skype (their Skype username is the same as their Wiki name) and you're in.


  • The Chat is usually a "hang-out", where we discuss more than just Pikmin. 
  • The Chat is much less formal than the Wiki, so it can be much more different from what you're used to on the Wiki itself. 
  • Treat others with respect. You may not like them, but do respect them.
  • There is some swearing allowed, but do not use it excesively.
  • Do not invite your friends to the chat, unless they are active in the community. While we are a "hang-out", we still like to keep the chat mostly to Pikmin Fans and those who are active on the wiki. 
  • To maintain being part of the Skype chat, you must constantly work (or show work) on the wiki.
  • Have fun! We do enjoy a good chat, and just having fun in general. Some of our users are from around the world, so expect a blast!
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