Pikmin 4
Pikmin 4
Japanese name ピクミン 4
Rated RP
Console Nintendo Switch
Developer Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Mass-Action Strategy
Release Dates
Japan Coming Soon!
North America Coming Soon!
Europe Coming Soon!
Australia Coming Soon!
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Prequel Pikmin 3

Hey! Pikmin

Pikmin 4 is the presumed title of an upcoming installment in the Pikmin series.

As of March 2021, the game remains in development; according to Miyamoto, the game has not always been a high priority within Nintendo.[1] It is most likely going to be on the Nintendo Switch.


On June 2017, Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin 4 is in fact still in development by the Pikmin team, which also means that it is not the same thing as Hey! Pikmin.[2]

Story Possibilities

This scenario is reminiscent of Pikmin's opening, where Captain Olimar crashes on the PNF-404. If the story centered around a stranded explorer, the gameplay would like be similar to a previous game, collecting resources for survival, possibly parts to repair a ship, or food to survive while awaiting rescue. It is also possible that the game could have the player managing multiple objectives, combining all previous games, such as collecting parts to repair a ship while also having to locate food, and maybe collecting some treasure on the side.


As of March 2021, no further updates on Pikmin 4 have been given since E3 2017.