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  • Pikmin 4 has been released on on July 21st, 2023.
  • July 28th was the 10th year anniversary of Hey! Pikmin in North America and Europe, August 4th will be the 10th year anniversary of Pikmin 3 in North America, August 30th was the 19th year anniversary of Pikmin 2 in North America, and December 3rd was the 22nd year anniversary of the original Pikmin in North America.

Did you know...

  • ...that the Pikmin type counter in Pikmin rolls back to 000 after the player gets 999 Pikmin?
  • ...that the Titan Dweevil, the final boss of Pikmin 2, is more likely to pick a weapon the more damaged it has been?
  • ...that, in Pikmin 2, there is a glitch that lets the player absorb a Spray twice?
  • ...that Pikmin 3 took 9 years to develop?
  • ...that some of Pikmin 4's characters will infinitely assign the player quests, making the game technically infinitely long?
  • ...that the background images of the area selection menus in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 come from real photographs of Hokkaido, Japan?
  • ...that the total sales for the Pikmin series as of September 2023 is 10.45 million?

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Pikmin 4 is the fourth main installment of the Pikmin series. It was released worldwide on July 21st, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. In a Nintendo Direct on September 13th, 2022, Pikmin 4 was revealed for the first time, confirming its existence.

Captain Olimar, the protagonist of previous Pikmin games, once again crash-lands on a mysterious planet, and sends out a distress signal for aid. After a team of rescuers, the Rescue Corps, receive his distress signal, they immediately set off to retrieve him. But, when they enter the planet's atmosphere, they also crash-land, splitting each of them apart. You must embark on an expedition to save Captain Olimar and the other members of the Rescue Corps, and repair the Rescue Corps' ship!


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