Pikpik Carrot Pikmin
300px-Pikmin 2 pikpikmin
Resistant To None
Attack Strength Average (10)
Mobility Average
Throw Strength Average
Carrying Capacity 1
Size 29mm

Pikpik Carrot Pikmin are glitch Pikmin found in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2 as well as Pikmin 3, only obtainable via hacks. The Challenge Mode caves have data for the starting number and type of Pikmin, including for a 7th type which is associated with the Pikpik Carrot Pikmin which were not intended to be obtainable. Their animations are not complete, as they always have a leaf that will overlap a flower or bud if one grows, and they glow green when idle. They sound like regular Pikmin, they do not have a ghost, and are missing a standby icon on the map. When thrown at enemies they simply bounce off. When game process need to calculate Pikmin in an area, they skip the Pikpik Carrot Pikmin.

They return in Pikmin 3 with similarly glitched properties; if they are thrown the game will crash, meaning they can only be ordered to Charge. An unfinished Candypop Bud exists that resembles the Crimson Candypop Bud but converts Pikmin into Pikpik Carrot Pikmin.

A likely explanation for their existence is that they are used as PikPik Carrots in the Piklopedia, with the carrots being given modified Pikmin code, causing enemies to interact with them as they would a Pikmin. It is possible that forcing the captains to use them in Challenge Mode, where pikmin have to be started with plucked, fills in or re-enables code for normal Pikmin behavior. This explanation would indicate that the Piklopedia was intended for Pikmin 3 as well.


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