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"The Rescue Corp's newest officer. They recently accepted a dangerous mission to rescue their missing colleagues."
— Player Character's ID Badge

The main character of Pikmin 4 is a customizable character whose name and appearance can be changed in a character creator on each save file. They are the newest recruit to the Rescue Corps, sent to rescue them from a crash landing after trying to rescue Captain Olimar for the same reason. They, along with Oatchi, are the only playable leaders in the game's Story Mode.

As this character is fully customizable, much of the game's promotional material as well as the game's own introduction addresses the character by addressing the viewer in second-person perspective (such as saying "you" or "you're"). The default design of the character also appears in the Pikmin comic.

Main story

Plot of Pikmin 4

After the loss of both Captain Olimar and the rescue ship S.S. Shepherd on the mysterious planet of PNF-404, the rookie officer is tasked with traveling to the planet aboard the S.S. Beagle, and finding them.

After first landing on the planet, the officer finds Oatchi, the crew's Rescue Pup, and is able to utilize their training in order to find Collin and Captain Shepherd . After dispatching the enemies surrounding the Captain, the crew is able to trek towards the S. S. Shepherd, where they discover the ship has been too badly damaged to traverse the planet. Instead, they find that the nearby treasures are capable of powering the radar! While recovering said energy, the crew encounter a strange object. Once brought back to the Beagle for integration, the object suddenly comes to life, and decides instead to activate. Once it has, it releases a small seed. The officer plucks this seed and discovers it is a plant/animal hybrid previously referred to by Captain Olimar as a Pikmin. Using this single Pikmin the crew is able to cultivate further Pikmin through the use of what is revealed to be an Onion, the home for these strange critters. From there, they are able to scavenge the nearby area and repair their Radar. Able to scout for nearby Rescue Corp's Officers, the Rookie is tasked with exploring out, and rescuing them.

Traits and abilities

  • The newly recruited officer showcases many abilities similar to that as Captain Olimar, including the ability to command their troops, such as Oatchi. They are also able to whistle to Pikmin in order to gain their attention.
  • They are able to upgrade their gear in order to match many of the advanced abilities utilized by Olimar, such as flame resistance and a treasure radar.
  • In addition, they have access to newly developed technology such as a Survey Drone and cold resistant gear.
  • They are able to utilize different items in combat, such as throwing Pikpik Carrots to disable enemies.


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  • This character is customizable, a first for the series. There are 69,120 different combinations of character traits, see below for more information.
  • After you retrieve ten Leaflings, Puddle will give you a new style option. This option makes you look like a Leafling yourself.