Red Spectralid
Red spectralids
Appears in
Pikmin 3
Family Flitterbie
Areas Garden of Hope
Challenge Mode levels Pikmin 3
Battle Enemies
Tropical Forest (x2)
Shaded Garden (x3)
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels N/A
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 1
Treasure value PokoIconx10
Attacks None
Red Spectralids are small butterfly creatures in Pikmin 3. They have red wings, very fuzzy bodies, green eyes and two small feet they use to stand on things like flowers and Pellet Posies. They are only found in Story Mode in Garden of Hope after the Quaggled Mireclops battle. They function very much like Red Unmarked Spectralids from Pikmin 2 and produce Ultra-Spicy Nectar when killed. 


Pikmin 3 Prima Guide

"The Red Spectralids is another harmless flying creature. When you defeat this enemy, it drops a bit of Ultra-Spicy Nectar. If you choose to attack a Red Spectralids, use your Winged Pikmin to quickly defeat the enemy."

Battle Strategy

A direct hit from any type of Pikmin will instantly defeat the Red Spectralids. Winged Pikmin are, however, most effective, as they will give chase if the enemy tries to fly off.


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