Repair-Type Bolt
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring

The Repair-Type Bolt is a rocket part lost by the S.S. Dolphin during Olimar's crash landing, one of the ten found in the Distant Spring. It looks like an ordinary bolt, but is actually an amazing piece of equipment that can fix anything in a ship. It can be seen in the background as Olimar lands. In Pikmin 2, the place where this part is found was replaced by a small ledge that lets Pikmin break a wall. The device highly resembles a wind-up key.

Collecting the Part

Despite being located on a high ledge, Yellow Pikmin aren't required. Instead, take out 20 Blue Pikmin and go to the ledge northwest of the landing site and toss them up the ledge. Call them and guide them, using the C-Stick (or simply making them follow you), to the ledge with the ship part. Dismiss them and have them carry the part back. As it is in a high ledge, Pikmin will get deflowered when carrying it. To avoid this, call them before they fall down or walk away so they're not in your sight.


Discovery Notes

"I've found the Repair-type Bolt! This robotic marvel can fix just about anything in the ship that's broken. That's good, because I get terribly bored fixing little glitches."

Ship Log

"This looks like an ordinary bolt, but it is actually a repair bolt."

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