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The S.S. Drake (ドレイク), simply referred to as the Drake by the Koppaites, is the main ship in Pikmin 3. It was built by Alph's grandfather[1], and was named after him. Much like the other ships from the Pikmin series, it serves as the main storage unit for all the gathered objects found by the captains. Its other purpose is to transport the captains from place to place. Charlie is its captain and Alph is its engineer.


The Drake is very different from the ships in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 in design, as it appears to be more technologically advanced. The cockpit is also different in that it is capable of holding more people, and may also be used as an access hatch. The Drake has a base from which four legs protrude, containing green lights, a hydraulics system and several other hidden mechanisms.

Directly on top of the base is a round body, featuring red lights and several other unique characteristics. It holds the three captains, has a long antenna attached to the top, and harbors a small satellite from which a blue beam emanates to help collect and analyze objects. It appears to have a world map on the back side.


Soon after the discovery of PNF-404, the Drake was designed and built by Alph's grandfather exclusively for the hero's mission. It then picks up Alph, Brittany, and Charlie before initiating warp-drive. As they arrive at PNF-404, something goes wrong as the Drake attempts to enter the atmosphere, and it ejects the three occupants onto the planet below, who all land on different locations on the planet's surface. During the crash, the Drake loses an important mechanism, the cosmic-drive key, which is required to travel at warp-speed between planets.

Charlie awakes in a snowy world, where he discovers Yellow Pikmin. However, his side of the story is cut short as he is soon abducted by the Vehemoth Phosbat.

After landing in a pool of water, Alph regains consciousness to see a damaged the Drake overhead, struggling to land safely. The sight startles him enough to wake him up fully, and he begins exploration of the surrounding area alone. Eventually, he comes across the Red Pikmin and their Onion, and using their help, is able to recover his KopPad device and relocate the Drake, which was able to land safely.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[]


Drake in the background of the new Pikmin stage.

The S.S. Drake appears in the background of the Pikmin-themed stage, Garden of Hope, but it has no effect on the stage itself. The S.S. Drake is in the spot where a Waddlepus and a Burgeoning Spiderwort are in Pikmin 3.


Obtaining first fruit
  • Drake: "Recovering..."
  • Alph: "Oh! There's an incoming transmission from the Drake!"
  • Drake: "Analyzing the recovered plant!"
  • Drake: "Large quantities of Piktamin U detected!"
  • Drake: "This is a seed-bearing fruit, making cultivation on Koppai possible."
  • Drake: "Juice from this fruit is safe for consumption by crew members."
  • Alph: "I'll add a Fruit File to the KopPad, where we can store the results of our analysis."
  • Alph: "But I don't know much about plants at all."
  • Alph: "I'll ask Brittany to write reports later, since she's the botanist."
Obtaining a new fruit
  • "New Fruit Recovered"
Obtaining a fruit
  • "Analyzing..."
Obtaining Data Glutton
  • Drake: "Recovering..."
  • Alph: "We're receiving a transmission from the Drake!"
  • Drake: "Analyzing recovered item!"
  • Drake: "An ancient communication device used on this planet."
  • Drake: "It contains technology unknown to Koppai and is emitting a signal even now."
  • Alph: "If I integrate this device into the Drake's communication system, I should be able to boost our signal's strength!"
  • Alph: "Looks like it's going to be an all nighter for me!"|}


  • It is speculated that the S.S. Drake is named after the canceled "Character D" that was supposed to appear in the game. Seeing as Alph was Character A, Brittany was Character B, and Charlie was Character C, it's possibly Drake was the name for Character D, but the name was moved to a ship as a reference.
  • At Sunset in Pikmin 3, before entering the S.S. Drake, one of the captains looks to the others, giving him/her a nod, signaling them to know they are good to go.
  • When the captains get separated, at the beginning of the game, the ship makes the same laughing sound as the dog in Duck Hunt.
  • The S.S. Drake's model is a very high poly model, so high in fact that it has more polygons than the entire terrain of the Perplexing Pool from Pikmin 2.