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SPEROs [1] (pronounced as 'spare-oh', or sparrow) are probes sent by the Koppaites to search for a planet with edible sustenance on it in order to save their planet Koppai, as seen in the opening sequence of Pikmin 3.  SPERO 3 is the last one searching and is the one that finds PNF-404a planet with bountiful food to sustain Koppai's population.

Mission Mode[]

SPEROs are used as a storage device for the fruit collected in Pikmin 3's Mission Mode, comparable to the Ship's Research Pod in underground areas in Pikmin 2. They appear in every stage of Collect Treasure mode and a few stages of Defeat Enemies mode.

In Mission Mode, SPEROs are used to:


  • SPERO also means "I hope" in italian. Given the probe's mission, it seems fitting.
  • As SPERO is written in all caps, it probably is an acronym, but what SPERO stands for is never mentioned in the game.