Scaly Custard
Scaly custard.png
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 1.50
Quantity 2
Value PokoIcon.pngx80
Weight 8
Max Carriers 15
Location Tropical Wilds
Garden of Hope

The Scaly Custard (ワニノフグリ, Crocodile Testis) is an Avocado found in Pikmin 3. There are a total of 2 in the game, and both require 8 Pikmin to carry. They provide one and a half cups of juice each. The first Scaly Custard is located in the Tropical Wilds, and the other is in the Garden of Hope.

How to Obtain

Tropical Wilds

Use the Elevator Platforms to access the elevated area. Throw at least 8 Yellow Pikmin onto the Bouncy Mushroom, causing them to land on the elevator platform. Use the other captain to find the second elevator platform, and the Scaly Custard should be right next to it.The Scaly Custard can be obtained without using the platforms by throwing Yellow or Winged Pikmin up at the elevated section and guiding them to the Scaly Custard via charging.

Garden of Hope

After discovering Blue Pikmin and building the pot, throw 2 Captains onto it along with some Rock Pikmin. A Peckish Aristocrab will be hiding in the tin can. Defeat it to claim your prize. Do note that you will have to construct the bridge to get it back to the Drake unless Winged Pikmin are used.  


Brittany's American Comments

"Huh. Looks like a reptile doing its best impression of pudding. Doesn't seem very fruit-like at all: not much juice, not sweet, high in fat content... Tasty, I guess, in an odd way. I just hope it wasn't a poisonous reptile..."

Brittany's European Comments

"Strange. It looks like a cross between a reptile and a pudding, and it doesn't seem very fruit-like: little juice, not at all sweet, and with a high fat content. Tasty, I suppose, in an odd way. Alph had a reaction to certain toxins in it... maybe that's its reptile side showing?"



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