Secret Safe
This is not a mandatory ship part.
Weight 40
Max. Carriers 95 Pikmin
Location The Final Trial

The Secret Safe is the last ship part that can be retrieved in Pikmin. However, it is not necessarily a part, because it has no purpose in making the Dolphin function. It apparently is a large safe, obviously shaped like a pig, better known as a piggy bank. This is where Captain Olimar keeps all of his money, or Pokos. When he found it, none of his Pokos were lost.


Discovery Notes

"At long last... I've found the final Secret Safe! And it's as full as ever! How glad I am that I've persisted in my search without losing hope... Now I can leave this planet without any regrets. Maybe I'll even stop and pick up some souvenirs for my wife and kids back on Planet Hocotate!"

Ship Log

"At last I have found it-my most prized possession! I am so relieved... It's as heavy as ever!"

Collecting the Part


The Secret Safe, after being released from Emperor Bulblax.

Olimar's Pikmin must start out by building the bridge with eighty Blue Pikmin and six Yellow Pikmin having to be there. Once they have Bomb Rocks, Olimar must throw them back the same way. In the GameCube version, whistling makes the Pikmin drop the Bomb Rocks and Olimar had to touch the Pikmin. This was altered in the New Play Control! release for the Wii. Their Pikmin must take the Bomb Rocks across the newly-created bridge and destroy the brick wall. Olimar must set aside any Pikmin still holding Bomb Rocks and use both the Yellow and Blue Pikmin to start building the second stick bridge.

Olimar must take out ten Red Pikmin and throw them onto the fire geyser ledge to the left. Then, Olimar must move into the water on the right side of the ledge, whistle at them, and lead them down to where the box is blocking the path. The Pikmin must be used to push the box while the Blue and Yellow Pikmin continue to build the bridge. Once the box is moved and the bridge is built, the Pikmin must take down the white wall, preferably with a single Bomb Rock.

The Secret Safe is held by the last boss in the game, the Emperor Bulblax, who is harder to defeat in this game than in Pikmin 2, due to its enormous bulk and endurance.


  • In Pikmin 2, Olimar gets an email from his wife saying that she has found his secret stash, and is taking the kids on vacation which implies that the good ending of Pikmin is the canon ending.
  • In the Japanese version of Pikmin, this part is the heaviest part in the game, requiring a whopping 85 Pikmin, outweighing the heaviest part in the Amercian version, the Gluon Drive.

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