Space Float
This is not a mandatory ship part.
Weight 25
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location Forest Navel

The Space Float is an optional ship part found in the Forest Navel from Pikmin. It allows someone to stay adrift in space if their ship is shot out from under them.


Discovery Notes

"Thank goodness! My Space Float!"

Ship Log

"This float is an absolute necessity for any pilot who lacks skill at swimming in space. An excellent swimmer like me has no need for something like this, but my motto is 'always be prepared.' Really, it's just for emergencies."

Collecting the Part


Some Pikmin carrying the Space Float.

The part is found in the stomach of a Breadbug, which is running around the hill the landing site rests upon. To get it, the Breadbug should take hold of an item such as a pellet or Shearwig carcass. Then, Olimar must throw enough Pikmin at the object that the Breadbug starts to be pulled toward the Onion. Once it reaches the Onion, it takes massive damage. Olimar can also throw pikmin directly on top of the Breadbug; though throwing Pikmin at the Breadbug results in minimal damage, locking on from one spot can allow you to keep throwing Pikmin at it without missing, thus killing the Breadbug in just a minute or two. 

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