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An Ultra-Spicy Spray, a type of spray, in Pikmin 3

A Spray is a type of item in Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, and Pikmin 4 that gives temporary abilities to Pikmin it is sprayed on. In Pikmin 2, it is revealed that one of the plant species, the Burgeoning Spiderwort, can grow berries that have special compositions that can be used to your advantage. When ten are collected, you obtain a single dose of the spray. There are two kinds of sprays, the Ultra-Spicy Spray and the Ultra-Bitter Spray, both of which are attainable in Pikmin 2, while only the Ultra-Spicy Spray appears in Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4.

The Ultra-Spicy Spray increases a Pikmin's attack and speed, and any Pikmin currently under its effects has their leaf, bud, or flower replaced with a red flashing light. An Ultra-Bitter Spray temporarily turns enemy creatures into stone, allowing for Pikmin to defeat them more easily.

Both types of sprays can be made by bringing ten of the berry needed to The Ship, which will create a spray from the berries. Concentrated doses can also be found in any places where nectar is, in the form of red or purple nectar drops. If you move your captain into one of these drops, you will collect one kind of spray, depending on what color the drop was.

Spray Drops can also be found in eggs or by defeating Unmarked SpectralidsHoneywisps, Iridescent Flint BeetlesIridescent Glint Beetles, and the Ujadani. On a side note, the Leaders can get two sprays in one drop by using this glitch.

Unused spray[]


Beta screenshot of spray.

In demo images of Pikmin 2 from before its release, there was a red spray, likely the Ultra-Spicy Spray, but also a yellow spray (possibly a nectar spray) shown in the image as the bottom command on the D-pad. No exact information has been provided as to whether these were sprays at the time and if they truly did what the current sprays do now, or if they did something else. 


  • Sprays may look differently colored under the varied lighting conditions of the game's caves. Normally, Ultra-Spicy Sprays appear red and Ultra-Bitter Sprays appear purple. However, as can be seen on the right, Ultra-Bitter Sprays can appear blue.

An Ultra-Bitter exhibiting a blue color.

  • In Pikmin 2, there is a glitch where you can get two Sprays from a single nectar drop. To perform this glitch, you must have two captains together. Maneuver one captain to where they are close enough to the drop to not pick it up. Then switch to your other captain and gently push the captain you left near the drop into the nectar drop. While they are collecting it, use your active captain to drink up the nectar as well. If performed correctly, both captains will collect it, giving you two sprays.


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