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Figworts are also stupid

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Figworts are tall, flowering plants used as scenery in both Pikmin games. In Pikmin 1, figwort plants sport bright blue flowers.


In Pikmin 2, figwort blossoms have adopted a deep pinkish hue which is thought to be the result of differing soil conditions; in fact, the color of some real-world flowering plants, bigleaf hydrangeas in particular, can vary from blue to pink/purple, depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil in which they grow. Although Pikmin 2 does not have the tiny black bugs from the first game, figworts may conceal larger creatures such as Doodlebugs or Unmarked Spectralids. In certain above-ground and cave locations, such as the Wistful Wild and White Flower Garden, dead or dormant figworts can be seen, possessing pale or red-orange leaves and without flowers.

(more...) Figworts are also stupid